Best Indian Ethnic Wear from the Land of Kutch.

Kutch Wear

It is no surprise that Indian Ethnic wear has created immense influence worldwide. The charm, comfort, and luxury make the viewer turn head. We wear them daily no matter what occasion or get together with friends and family.

We live in a country full of diverse people and their cultures. From east to west — north to south, you will find people with different customs, religions, festivals, and outfits.

One thing that connects and makes us popular worldwide is our Indian traditional and ethnic wear.

Indian Ethnic Wear is an integral part of our culture, and it shows our roots and respect towards our country. If we look at the different states, everyone has their unique style, design, and colour to showcase themselves through traditional wear. Today, we will indulge you in the ethnicity of Kutch attire for women.

“What is Indian Ethnic wear, and how it is different at Kutch”. If we look at the basic definition of Indian traditional wear, it represents the culture and the tradition in beautiful attire.

The different types of ethnic wear dresses worn by the Kutchi people also reflect the same. You will find the influence of Marwar, Sindh and Afghanistan in their Handmade designs and embroidery.

The culture in the region of Kutch is full of history and heritage. From Bandhani to Bhujodi fabrics, complex work and techniques connect to the past.

The Kutchi people continue this legacy by introducing a new design based on modern trends. All these new designs are helping and to expand themselves in the new areas of fashion. Recently in these few years, the handmade ethnic clothes of Kutch have become a lot popular in the women’s wear industry.

If we take a look at a wide variety of traditional and ethnic design clothes for women produced by this region. But we have selected some of the Best Indian Ethnic wear for Women, which you must go for.

Below, we will discuss some famous handcrafted traditional and tribal works on fabric from the Kutchi community, making their traditional handcraft wear evergreen.

Bandhani/Bandhej saree

The term is used interchangeably for each other. It is one of the most famous tie and dye techniques done on the piece of fabric. A white cloth is taken as a base, which is then pinched, shaped to form different designs and patterns. The price of material varies based on the quality and material of cloth.

Kutchi Bandhani saree is popular among women in the different parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Earlier, they were produced only in a few colour options. With the influence of western culture and the evolution of design and new patterns, Bandhej/Bandhani saree also gained popularity among young ladies.

Some of the famous Handmade Bandhej sarees of Kutch are made on Gaji, Munga, and Chanderi silk and Banarasi Bandhej Saree.

Apart from the Bandhej saree, Bandhani dupatta, stole, and suits for women must be an excellent companion to your wardrobe.

Ajrakh Block Print Saree

The next popular Indian ethnic wear Kutchi saree is the Ajrakh block print saree of Bhuj. It is a block printing technique in which cloth is dyed in solid colour, and printed handcraft blocks are used to print different designs.

Some of the famous traditional Ajrakh print outfits for women in the same segment are Ajrakh cotton and silk print saree, Ajrakh Stoles, Dupatta, and fabrics.

Batik Stole

Batik is a technique in which wax is used to resist the colour on the cloth. The wax is applied to the fabric, which helps retain the cloth’s original colour, forming a different pattern.

A Handmade Cotton batik stole for women best goes with the batik suits. With, this you can also experiment your outfit with the designs of batik print dupatta, batik cotton and silk saree, and fabric..

Shibori Saree

It is another type of Indian Ethnic wear. It is a process of folding or tying fabric so that once it gets dyed, it leaves some beautiful pattern. No offence, but Shibori sarees have some significant role in the traditional and Indian ethnic wear industry.

Some of the common materials used for the handmade Shibori saree of Gujarat are silk and cotton.

Bhujodi Shawls

Bhujodi, a small district in the district of Kutch, is famous for its artwork of Bhujodi. The Vankars community is renowned for weaving Bhujodi shawls by hand. All the major work is done by hand. There is a great demand for these shawls at the time of winter all across the country.

Apart from the shawl, you can uplift your style of Indian ethnic wear with the Bhujodi stoles and Bhujodi dupattas.

Well, you can find a variety of Kutch embroidered ethnic wear inspired by their tradition all over Gujarat. However, to get the authentic one, you will have to visit the district of Kutch. The city is famous for all these significant artworks given above.

For those who want to avoid all the hustle and bustle of travelling to the Kutch city and getting an authentic one, you can straight visit the to Buy Indian Ethnic wear online inspired by the culture of Kutch.

Kutchi Bazaar is an e-commerce portal that provides consumers with genuine handmade Indian ethnic wear clothes for women online. All these clothes are made by the artisans of Kutch and reflect their culture.

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