How VSI Jaipur Students have Amazing Results in CA Final Exams

How do VSI Students have Amazing Results in CA Final Exams

CA Final Exams are among the toughest exams in India and the final stage of the Chartered Accountancy course; after clearing, you will finally become a CA. This is why the students must focus on preparing properly to get good results. When talking about the best CA Coaching in India for Final preparations, the name that comes to students’ minds is VSI Jaipur. It has maintained its high pass percentage for a very long time.

In the result CA Final Result of Dec 2021, 6 VSI students got All India Rank under 50. Moreover, Pankaj Aswani got the All India 10th Rank. In all 28 students cleared the CA Final exams both groups and 46 students cleared one of the groups. Other than that, VSI students also secured 2 times AIR 1 in the CA Final results.

VSI Final Rankers website

Now, before checking how VSI students are performing so well in the CA Final exams, let’s check out the challenges faced by the CA Final students.

What are the Challenges faced by Students in their CA Final Exams?

Let us first go through the problems that many students face while preparing for the CA Final Exam:

Students are Confused Over Study Materials

While preparing for the CA Final Exams, students mainly get confused about the study materials. They start wondering about an extensive list of study materials for each paper. This is not the apt way to start the CA Final exam preparation. Instead, students must be confined to the ICAI Study materials. Therefore, with lots of confusion in your mind already, never bring bundles of extra study materials to increase your burden. Also, the ICAI study material will also keep you aware of the CA Final exam pattern.

Lack of Practice

A maximum of the students fail the CA Final Exam due to a lack of proper practice. Either the students do not get enough time or adequate materials for practising, or they just ignore it. Students have a common mentality that if they go through the solutions, they can solve them. But this is not the case; instead, that will confuse them. Students have to practice sufficient CA Final exam papers to know the types of questions asked and how to answer them.

Students are Lacking Guidance

One of the main reasons for the low CA Final exam pass percentage is the lack of proper guidance. Many students do not get the right guidance or say they do not seek it. Either they get it from their friends or other seniors. So, it is better to take guidance from teachers. Also, students can also go for a good CA Final coaching that will help them in preparation.

Not able to Complete the Syllabus on Time

Another challenge during the CA Final exam preparation is to complete it on time. Students are not able to complete the CA Final exam syllabus on time because of two major problems. That is an unrealistic study timetable or procrastination. Both these things cause you a great loss in the CA Final Result.

How VSI Students are Performing Well in CA Final Exams?

Now, let us see how VSI helps the CA Final students to solve their problems and perform well in CA Final Exams.

How VSI Helps in getting good CA Final exam result

VSI Completes the CA Final Syllabus on Time

To Complete the CA Final exam syllabus, the expert faculties at VSI divide it as per the ABC analysis. This means they place the topics in priority order and the topics with high weightage at the top. In this way, they follow a particular study pattern and complete the entire syllabus within five months so that students get enough time to revise and practice papers.

VSI Provides Personalized Guidance to All Students

VSI believes that personalised guidance plays a 50% role in the CA Final exam results. At VSI, all the students get personalized guidance as per their performance in the mock test paper. Each student’s strong and weak topics are analyzed, and the teachers teach them to cover up all the topics. They are also provided with a customized study plan to perform well in the exams.

Frequent Mock test for Better Practice

VSI Jaipur gives special focus to the practice papers and the mock test. As soon as your topics are covered, the institute starts taking the mock tests. These mock tests are taken for all the CA Final Exam Papers, and the questions of the mock test are designed as per the ICAI syllabus and pattern. The previous year’s papers are also considered. This helps the students practise properly for the CA Final exams and learn to manage time in exams.

ICAI Material Based VSI Study Notes

VSI provides proper study notes for each paper to all the students. The VSI study modules are enough to crack the CA Final Exam since it includes all the topics and questions per the ICAI materials and the syllabus. The study notes are made in a very simple language so that all the students can easily understand them.

Details about VSI CA Final Classes

Now you know how VSI Jaipur students are getting such amazing results in the CA Final exams. So, for interested students, we have mentioned the details about the VSI CA Final classes.

VSI CA Final 10th Ranker Pankaj

  • CA Final classes at VSI are available in three modes: Face to Face, Online, and Recorded Classes.
  • The total course duration of CA Final Classes is 5 months.
  • English medium module based on ICAI syllabus is provided for CA Final courses.
  • Personalized guidance through telephonic conversation is provided to students.
  • Timely mock test for all the CA Final papers.
  • The tuition fee for each group is INR 50,000 and for both groups is INR 90,000.


Therefore, VSI Jaipur offers the best classes in India to clear your CA Final Exams in just the first attempt. The expert faculties at VSI make sure that each and every student is at the same pace. Here the main moto is to help all the students to clear their CA Final exam and not just focus on one or two students for a rank. Moreover, here you will get the best study environment and guidance. So, do not waste your time, and get admitted to VSI Jaipur and secure a rank for yourselves in the upcoming CA Final Result.

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