How to Clean & Restore Outdoor Furniture to Preserve It

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To preserve your garden furniture, you should regularly clean it. It is important to remove any dirt or biological growth. If the outdoor furniture is made from wood, you need to sand it thoroughly. If you want to retain the gray wood look, you can skip the third step. You should also consider using a special garden furniture oil or teak oil. Luckily, restoring your garden items is a fairly simple process, and you’ll only have to repeat the process once.

Check the oil content

There are a few other steps you can take to keep your garden furniture looking beautiful. The first step in preserving your garden furniture is to test the oil content of the wood. If the wood has some oil, it doesn’t need any more oil. However, if it is dry, you will need to re-oil it to protect it from further wear and tear. It is important to use a quality stain remover to avoid any damage.

If your garden furniture UAE is made of wood, you should check its oil content. If the wood is new, it should retain its natural oil. You can test the oil content of your wooden furniture by using cooking oil. If the oil is present, it is safe for the wood to be restored. If the wood has lost its natural oils, you should re-oil it. Otherwise, it will be damaged and will need to be replaced.

During the summer, the weather can be particularly harsh on your outdoor furniture. It is important to clean and restore your furniture every so often to protect it from any damage. Even if you don’t plan on using it much, you’ll need to re-oil it after a couple of months to maintain its beauty. If you don’t do this, you risk damage to the furniture.

Use washing-up liquid and stain remover

You can also use washing-up liquid and stain remover. Mix them with one liter of water. Spray this mixture onto the stained cushions and leave for thirty minutes. If the stain persists, you can hose down the area to rinse away the solution. Then, the washing-up solution will rinse off the stains. If you have a hose, you can also try a different method to remove the stains.

Keep furniture dust free

You should clean your garden furniture at least once a year to keep it looking fresh. This includes ensuring that it doesn’t suffer from mold or mildew. Occasionally, you should also keep your wooden garden furniture free of dust, as it can cause a rusty finish. So, make sure to thoroughly dry it every time you clean it to prevent any damage. It will also help you to maintain the original look of your outdoor furnishings.

Apply a protective layer

After cleaning your outdoor furniture, you should apply a protective layer to prevent rust and damage. For metal, this can be done by coating it with car wax. If you have plastic furniture, you should also wipe it thoroughly to prevent stains. In addition to using a protective layer, you should apply car wax to protect it from corrosion. If you have wooden garden furniture, you should avoid spraying it with water.

Place furniture under a tarpaulin

During the winter, We advise keeping your outdoor furniture indoors during bad weather. To avoid the risk of rotting, you should place it under a tarpaulin or bespoke furniture cover. To prevent rust, you should keep it out of the sun’s direct sunlight. You can also keep the cushions covered by covering them with a waterproof fabric. This will prevent any stains from coming onto the cushions.

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