The Key Features of the Payment Management System (PMS)

Payment Management System

For efficient business dealing, different kinds of software are required to streamline and automate operations. From basic operations to more complex and repetitive ones, there is the need for several agile software systems that can help make the workflow easier. One of the most important processes for SaaS businesses operating on a subscription model is payment and budgeting. The core of the business functions are dependent on the payments systems and their seamless working. When customers visit the website of any business, they expect a streamlined and powerful service that  is all set and ready to go.

What is Payment management system (PMS)

Payment management system (PMS) is also known by the name of Payable automation Software. PMS serves as a cloud-based software for the payment gateways that work for the payment reconciliations and payable workflow cycles, dealing with logistical problems, cross-border problems and much more. Moreover, the integration of a procure-to-Pay process can optimize your entire purchasing workflow, from procurement to payment, complementing the capabilities of a Payment Management System. Under PMS, the payable workflow cycle is managed through automation which reduces human input requirements. The business dealing with subscription, memberships, and different billing models need a consistent PMS for AP automation. There are certain key features of PMS that make it a viable option for merchants.

The main features of the PMS are listed down:

Invoicing and billing

The first and foremost step in the payment processing is generating invoices and bills. Invoicing and billing form the core of the payments for the business providers and customers before and after the settlement. With the help of a payable automation system, the process of generating invoices and billing clients is automated, supporting both manual and automatic input. Apart from that, invoicing and billing system of a PMS can help streamline cross-borders payments, tax managements, proration plans and even pricing management.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is required after generating invoices and bills. With that, transactions become the primary tasks for merchants and customers. Payment processing through the PMS becomes an easier task for keeping the repayable workflow cycle and payment reconciliation. Using PMS services as a software for the billing processes let the payments be handled either digitally or manually which is discussed in the invoicing stage before the settlement .

Providing Discounts and Refunds

Chargebacks are unavoidable when processing multiple payments, which is why you need something that can process everything automatically. Payment management system (PMS) can provide coupons, refunds, discounts, and other incentives as per billing plans or subscription packages.

Other than this, the automated services of the system can also calculate and analyze the ratio for provided discounts, refunds, etc. Contacting banks, initiating and automating communication with customers, and fighting voluntary and involuntary disputes, etc. are all part of the job. You can rely on a PMS to provide you with all of this and more. And we all know the golden rule of customer service; the faster the process, the better the user experience.

Various Billing Models

For the convenience of merchants and customers, billing models are planned to go with the value metric that serves in your business’ best interest. The billing models help the customers to go with the pricing or package that suits them the most, such as the Hybrid billing model, flat fee billing model and so on. The billing models provided by the PMS align the customers with their demands and help them choose the best way that benefits them.

Payment Gateways

Payable automation software or PMS enables the merchant and customers to do the payment processing through different payment gateways like PayPal Recurring Payment for easy invoicing & billing, payment processing and other operations that are the core features of it. It helps in the timely payment of the prearranged schedule whether it is quarterly, monthly, etc.

Billing System across the Industries

PMS provides services across a wide array of industries for robust cash flow management. The billing systems and payment processes for industries like e-learning platforms, media and publishing, e-Commerce, IT companies and a number of other industries become easier with automated payment systems. The online payment solutions for schools and tuition payment are provided with the chosen billing model according to the requirements of the customer. With this, other similar operations across industries can also be handled by a PMS to provide a seamless experience.

Analysis and Reporting

For any business, analysis and reporting are crucial factors to make their action plans. PMS provides strong and detailed analytics and reports market insights to the merchant. Your business can get real-time reports of customer engagement and behavior to make well-informed marketing strategies and decisions.

Bottom Line

Automation helps make payment processes and operations run smoothly for business who have to deal with multiple recurring payments gateways. Whether it’s account planning, processing, generating invoices and bills, automatic payment reconciliation or analysis and reporting, the payable automation system can help businesses deal with extensive processes easily.

Also, these systems give merchants the best user experience as they include no manual handling and the work is automated through the cloud-based system. Using a SaaS PMS, every business/company ranging from small to large scale can streamline their payment and billing processes to maximize efficiency while minimizing the workload.

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