3 Different Kinds of Motherboards


There is one component that you will need whether you want to build your own PC or buy a pre-built PC that you may modify or upgrade later. That component is the motherboard, and it’s an important piece of the PC puzzle. It has an impact on many of the other components you’ll be able to choose from, as well as the motherboard you will be able to utilise dependent on other factors like the CPU you’ll be using in your new PC. Furthermore, if you are planning on purchasing a motherboard, then you can check out various 11600k motherboards on different websites including but not limited to final desktop.

The components and functionality of motherboards are the same different computers. However, because to space constraints, the size of the components and how they are arranged on the board differs. In every way, the motherboard is extensive, with facilities for connecting any type of component to fulfil application needs. The motherboard’s persona is given the moniker mother since it takes the lead in managing all of the components attached to it.

USB ports on motherboard are used to connect the mouse and keypad. The motherboard of an Apple computer has the bare minimum of connections for peripheral devices. Furthermore, a lot of different boards include the ability to connect to other devices through expansion ports. To transport excess heat, newer motherboards have heat sinks and fan points. Nevertheless, here are the 3 different kinds of motherboards, reading them might help you understand motherboards better.

  • AT motherboard

The AT motherboard is one of the most important and important motherboard kinds. These motherboards are hundreds of centimetres in size, making them unsuitable for compact desktop computers. Installing new motherboard drivers becomes considerably more complex as the physical size of the device grows. Sockets as well as six-pin plugs were used as power connections on these motherboards. Users have trouble attaching as well as utilizing these power connections since they are tough to find. This motherboard had a lengthy shelf life and was popular in the 1980s.

  • Motherboard (ATX)

Another one of the most essential as well as most important kind of motherboard is the ATX motherboard. Intel designed the ATX motherboard in the 1990s as an updated version of the AT motherboard. Furthermore, it is smaller than AT, and the associated components may be swapped out. The connection features have been greatly improved.

  • Motherboard BTX

Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) is a technology meant to keep up with the demands of evolving technologies in terms of increased power consumption and, as a result, increased heat generation. In the mid-2000s, Intel stopped developing BTX boards in order to focus on low-power CPUs.

The Final Words

After reading this article, now you know everything about motherboards including but not limited to the 3 different kinds of motherboards. These motherboards are quite essential and each and every motherboard is an essential element for your computer to work properly.

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