Your 2022 Kitchen Remodeling Cost Guide

When planning a kitchen remodel project, one of the first big questions homeowners face is how much it will cost to remodel. As with most things involved in home improvement, many variables will impact this total cost. 


The more you know about what influences your kitchen remodeling costs, the better prepared you’ll make significant decisions during your remodel.


Homeowners can get an idea of what they should expect to pay for their kitchen remodels by reflecting on how spending has changed over time and looking at research about projected changes in construction costs through 2022.


According to information published by Hanley Wood Market, the average consumer spent $22,786 on a new kitchen between 2011-2012. There’s a good number of homeowners planning to update their kitchens over the next five years. They tend to spend an average of $41,500 on such a renovation.


Significant Kitchen Components in Remodeling 


Spending for a kitchen renovation usually has two major components: replacing appliances and updating the kitchen itself. 


Spending between 2011-2012 showed that recent home renovations made up 63% of all construction projects completed during that period and that total renovation costs were $165 billion in 2012 alone. 


That works out to around $128 per square foot among homes in the United States. It’s a number that is already growing and projected to increase further before 2022.


  • Replacing cabinets accounts for roughly 21% of both kitchen remodel costs.
  • It’s important to note that kitchen remodels cost estimates rarely include the costs of moving to plumbing — assuming that you can find the said costs in budgets for other projects (like bathroom and kitchen renovations) and the new appliances and cabinets themselves. 
  • Those who need to move plumbing during a kitchen renovation can expect to pay around $6,545 more on average for their total renovation costs.
  • The total price tag of replacing appliances will depend on what appliance you currently have running through your kitchen. 
  • Estimates that homeowners spend between $2,090 and $4,140 per stove, oven, or cooktop. Additional estimates of costs between $3,700 and $9,000 for a refrigerator; and between $1,500 and $5,200 for a dishwasher.


Kitchen Remodeling Costs: What Homeowners Can Expect in 2022


Homeowners can expect to pay an average of $265,000 for a complete kitchen renovation — and the total cost could be as much as $343,000 before 2022. That’s not including appliances or other fees that may come up during such a significant home improvement project. 


The overall amount will vary depending on the size and layout of your kitchen, whether there are any significant structural changes necessary, and how much homeowners choose to update their kitchens by adding modern finishes or installing new countertops.


Variables That Influence Kitchen Remodeling Costs


There are several factors that homeowners should consider when making a budget for a kitchen renovation: Many factors have an impact on the overall cost of a kitchen remodel. 


Of course, there’s no way for homeowners to anticipate everything that may come up when they begin planning their renovations — but understanding how much it costs to remodel kitchens, in general, can help them budget accordingly. 


Kitchen cabinets are the second-largest expense when it comes to kitchen remodeling costs. Generally, you can expect to spend $78,000 – $85,000 for a complete replacement of all kitchen cabinets in 2022. 


Remodeling Costs for Appliances in 2022 


  • As a homeowner, you might be facing around $5,800 and $10,000 on a new dishwasher by 2022. That number will continue to increase as time goes on. 


  • According to data published by the U.S. Census Bureau, appliance spending in 2014 was up 2% from 2013 alone — and experts expect this trend to continue through 2022 (and beyond). 
  • The cost of replacing your appliances depends largely on whether you’ve already invested in high-end models or if you’re still using older technologies. 


  • It’s estimated that modern refrigerators will cost around $1,700 – $6,040; cooktops or ovens will cost anywhere from $2,000 – $6,000; and dishwashers between $1,100 – $3,400.


Design Changes by 2022 


Homeowners who update their kitchens will spend around 11% – 13% updating cabinets. The additional cost of adding a new countertop is about 3% – 5%. That doesn’t account for the extra fees required if you need to install more appliances or move plumbing during your renovation process — but it can help give you a general idea of how much your kitchen renovations might cost in total. 


It’s essential to remember that this number does not include any upgrades homeowners may want to make to their existing kitchens.


Kitchen remodeling costs are just one aspect of residential remodels that homeowners should consider when planning renovations for 2022 and beyond. The total cost of a kitchen renovation depends mainly on each home’s size, scope, and requirements. 


Like any significant home improvement project, the process will vary from homeowner to homeowner. That said, it can help to know what homeowners can expect when renovating their kitchens in 2022 and beyond.


Do You Need to Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?


When it comes to remodeling projects, not all homeowners feel comfortable working alone. That means they’ll need to hire a kitchen remodeler, which adds additional costs to the total cost of a kitchen renovation. 


Most kitchen remodeling contractors charge a flat fee for each project covering both materials and labor costs. Professionals will give you an estimate based on any changes or updates you want to make to your kitchen and how much time their employees will need to complete the job from start to finish. 


Generally, professionals can provide homeowners with a range of prices depending on how long it takes them to complete their work — but homeowners who plan on making extensive changes should expect fees between $16-$24 per hour for full-time workers. 


If you’re not sure how much it will cost to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor, check out estimates from previous projects. That should give you an idea of what contractors typically charge for their services, as well as material and labor costs. 


It’s also important to note that homeowners who want to hire professional designers or architects will also need to include those fees into their budgets. 


Hiring professionals can help ensure that your kitchen renovations are completed on time and within your budget guidelines despite the added expense.

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