How to Choose the Best Baby Name for Your Newborn

How to Choose the Best Name for Your Baby

Are you having trouble deciding on the right sobriquet for your new baby name? Drink an iced tea and relax I’m here to guide you. I’ve written on baby names for over Four years now. And I’ve learned some hard-hitting facts during the course of my journey.

A lot of parents have shared with me in whispered tones about their baby’s name regret and the guilt it creates for them. Some parents fall prey to the latest options only to realize after putting it on the birth certificate of their child that they made a mistake. Some are pressured to stick to the family tradition of naming their child and come up with a baby name they don’t like. There are parents who can’t come to a consensus with one another, and the other parent ends by apologizing to the other.

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Avoid Passing Trends

The name of your baby should endure the test of time. Consider: will this name sound ridiculous in 10 years’ time? Are other kids likely to sing it with a snarky tone at school? Does my child need to write or spell their baby name on a daily basis for the rest of their life? If you can answer one of the above questions would be “yes”, nix it.

Avoiding trends that include misspelt baby name spellings (think Jakxsen and Rebekkah) or random punctuation which doesn’t serve a purpose (Princess as well as D’Lilah) and references to pop culture (Khaleesi as well as Katniss) words with unusual spelling twists (Diezel as well as Spontaneous) as well as out-of-the-box name tags for hipsters (Amadeus McCoy and McCoy).

A vast amount of research has proven that names that are unusual are linked with less favourable outcomes in the real world. A Marquette University study found that those who had common names had a higher chance to get hired, and researchers from the University of New York discovered that those with names that were easy to pronounce were in higher posts. Another study revealed that the uniqueness of names was associated with juvenile delinquency.

It’s crucial to distinguish between different baby names in different cultures as well as the invented or altered epithets that I’m talking about here. They’re two completely different species and one could hope that the latter wouldn’t be considered a snub by employers or subjected to discrimination.

Consider The Importance of The Middle Name

It’s possible to pick the middle name for your child simply based because it goes perfectly with their initial and last names. However, you could also make use of it to commemorate a family member like an uncle or aunt. It’s also a great spot for you to “hide” a family tradition. My friend got married the name of Richard and every male in his family for around 12 generations were given the name… You know what it was… Richard. My friend did not want to be a snitch within the family, she managed to convince that her family members believed that the tradition had been going for too long and her son was entitled to be called Damian Richard. Phew!

How to choose the Best name without Boring

When I recommend that you use traditional names, I’m definitely not saying that you should all name your kids Peter, Paul and Mary. What would be the point of that? There are a lot of interesting appellations available that have been used for centuries, yet remain largely obscure. Consider Ava, Ariana and Willa for girls and Edwin, Miles and Silas for boys. A few beautiful African American choices include Aaliyah, Imani and Tiana for girls and Jaylen, Malik and Zion for boys.

Take A Look at Your Family Tree

Another good place to look for inspiration is through the family tree. Maybe your parents have old documents of family names or maybe one of your relatives has put together an online family tree. Check it out to look for anything that is interesting to you. There’s something unique about picking the name you are not just in love with but also holds an important significance to your family.

Look Up Meanings

This is essential to ensure that you don’t pick names with meanings that frightens you. You may enjoy the sounds of Giselle for example but did you know it translates to “hostage”? Also, did you know that Cecilia is “blind” and Cameron means “crooked nose”? Yikes. You might decide that you are in love with the name enough to ignore the significance and be ready to laugh at you are asked by someone else what the significance is behind the name of your child. You can prepare a simple answer for example, “It means ‘blind’, but that felt right because my grandma was blind so we chose it to honour her.” You can deliver your message with a straight smile and watch jaws fall (if you’re brave enough).

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