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5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks and is expected to be almost 100 times faster than the current 4G networks. 5G will bring new capabilities that will create opportunities for people, businesses and society at large. The anticipation of these benefits is the main reason why you can notice the buzz and excitement regarding the upcoming 5G mobiles, which will help users channel the benefits of this revolutionary technology.

What makes 5G different?

Essentially, 5G networks require additional infrastructure for transmission, such as cell towers and antennas. Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a commonplace terminology. The concept is really about connecting things everywhere while maintaining data security and integrity, and ensuring seamless communication without any lag. This comes from the massive speeds and huge bandwidths that the 5G network entails.

Where does the speed come from?

The inverse law of frequency states that the shorter the frequency, the higher the bandwidth. Since 5G uses mmWave (millimetre wave) frequencies between 30GHz and 300GHz, these shorter frequencies lead to tremendous bandwidth. This, in turn, allows for extremely high speeds. It also allows for higher quality, capacity and low latency. While they all are very beneficial features, this low latency is a critically important aspect.

Why is low latency important?

As mentioned earlier, the biggest advantage that 5G will provide is an ecosystem of connected networks and devices. High speeds and large bandwidth are important factors in achieving this. But it is low latency that will provide the seamless integration which is required for effective runtime communication to take place globally. To help you understand the quantum leap here, consider the difference between a lag of 200 milliseconds in the current 4G (LTE) networks versus the expected under 10 milliseconds lag in 5G networks. This will enable viewing online content without the need for any buffer. This also means streaming public safety messages, healthcare information, banking wire transfers, driverless cars, drones delivery, immersive virtual reality gaming and learning etc. The possibilities are truly endless.

Another important aspect is that 5G transmitting devices are being designed to operate on low power consumption. This is a great relief to the cause of global warming which is greatly enhanced due to the hundreds of thousands of radio towers and supporting batteries in function across the world to support 3G and 4G networks.

What are some of the 5G use cases?

The IoT network powered by 5G technology will revolutionize both private and governmental sectors. People will be able to attend learning classes from anywhere in the world or be able to consult the finest doctors virtually. Transferring large volumes of data in a matter of seconds is a very real possibility. This is a significant catalyst in the space of Big Data Analytics and helps large corporations accumulate and analyze vast amounts of data and turn it into meaningful information to act upon. In your home, 5G will be much more than just fast internet or watching YouTube videos. It also implies that more and more smart devices will be offered at more affordable prices. This is because of the fact that their applicability will become far more relevant, practical and desirable. A connected home with automated solutions and devices communicating with each other is most likely what the future promises to offer.

5G smartphones at the EMI Store

The upcoming 5G mobiles are made with the intention to allow users to enjoy all these benefits and help them become more efficient at work, more connected to family and friends, manage their home and devices using a variety of apps, and enjoy multiple sources of entertainment like movies, gaming and so on. At the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you can find a vast array of 5G smartphones that are geared to help you enjoy the functionalities that 5G will bring, as soon as it is launched in India. Moreover, these phones also come packed with some great technical specifications and features to help you achieve more and faster in the interim.

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