Complete Guide: Things To Look For Before Buying Vivo 5G Phones

Vivo 5G Phones

Vivo’s 5G mobile phones offer robust connectivity features, such as super-fast internet and low latency. Even though 5G networks have not yet been launched in India, smartphone manufacturers are already incorporating 5G features into their products.

In addition to mid-range and premium flagship smartphones, vivo 5G phone offer users a new internet experience through 5G networks. A variety of vivo 5G phones are available on the market that supports multiple bands in standalone and non-standalone architectures. vivo offers one of the best mobile under 25000 price ranges under different models.

Below are some important factors to look at before buying vivo 5G phones in India.


Your Vivo 5G Mobile Phone should have plenty of storage capacity for all your applications, photos and movies. Purchasing a phone with insufficient capacity implies that you will be forced to erase images and applications regularly to make room for new information.

If you intend to store a significant number of photographs on your device, you may want to consider purchasing a phone that can accommodate an additional SD memory card.

Processing Speed

Some of the most critical elements affecting smartphone performance are based on components that you will almost certainly never be able to see. A smartphone is a tiny computer that must perform calculations continuously.

The greater the speed with which it can handle information, the less lag time you will encounter. Individuals with faster processing rates will have a significant competitive advantage over their opponents. If you enjoy watching videos on the internet, this is essential.


The display on your smartphone is a crucial aspect of the whole smartphone experience. When you consider that most people check their phones multiple times an hour for updates, you want a display that is easy to read at a glance.

A screen displaying high-definition content is essential for watching videos and playing video games. The display of the best mobile phones under 25000 should be large enough so that you can see all of the information correctly when watching movies on it.

Battery Life

Young people rely on their phones throughout the day for anything, from connecting with others to providing pleasure and being productive. When your phone’s battery runs out of juice too quickly, you’ll lose out on the next round of your game or the beautiful selfie photo you were going to take.

Your gadget should have enough battery life to get you through the day without recharging it. Put in your charger before going to bed, and your phone will be fully charged and ready for another day of active use when you wake up.


In the early days of cellphones, a camera was considered an excellent addition rather than a necessity. People today expect to capture high-quality images with their cellphones, and they are right.

Additionally, younger people need a selfie camera that will showcase them in the most incredible light possible, in addition to an impressive primary camera. If you enjoy photography, you will want a phone with various camera lenses to take standard and wide-angle photographs.

When taking selfies, you’ll want a vivo 5G phone that has capabilities that enhance your photos and make them suitable for sharing on social media.

Listed below are some of the top vivo best mobile phone under 25000 in India

Vivo Y20G

This is a brand new vivo best mobile phone under 25000, released in January 2021. Its 4 GB RAM allows you to run many apps in the background without experiencing lag. Due to its large storage capacity of 64 GB, which is expandable up to 1 TB, you can store many files and media. Furthermore, the device’s 5000mAh battery provides long-lasting power.

Vivo Y20A

This model, released in December 2020, features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 chipset with an octa-core processor, allowing you to run demanding programs smoothly. This smartphone under 15000 also has 3 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal storage that can be expanded to 256 GB. Furthermore, the smartphone includes a 5000mAh battery that allows for extended phone use. It also provides reverse charging through OTG.

Vivo Y20

This model may meet your needs if you’re looking for the Best Mobile Phones Under 25000 with good battery life. It even has OTG reverse charging capabilities, allowing you to use it as a portable charger. You can also save and access a large amount of data thanks to its inbuilt storage of 64 GB, which is extensible up to 256 GB.

Vivo U20

Vivo U20 has an octa-core processor and a MediaTek Helio P35 chipset. This 4 GB RAM phone has a dedicated microSD slot and supports up to 128 GB of internal storage and 256 GB of expandable storage. Furthermore, because of its 5000mAh battery size, you may play games on this gadget for up to 9 hours on a single charge.

Vivo Y17

In April 2019, vivo announced the Y17, emphasizing the goal of keeping vivo mobile under 25000. This is an excellent choice for you because it has an octa-core MTK Helio P35 CPU. Similarly, 4 GB RAM allows you to run multiple applications simultaneously without your smartphone lagging. It also has 128 GB of storage space, which can be expanded to 256 GB.

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