Most Adventurous Hollywood Movies That Everyone Should Watch

Adventure is one of the most ambiguous things when it comes to filmmaking. Hollywood is known for their action and adventurous movies which are based on epic and exciting tales and focused on to earn glory, fortune and glory. There are so many adventurous movies that are getting old but have the same potential to earn the same love. Nowadays, Hollywood makes adventurous movies with science-fiction or including fantasy or by treading deep in the Jungles. In this article we will discuss some most adventurous Hollywood movies that you should watch.

End Game (2019):

Endgame is one of the biggest American superhero movies based on marvel comics Avengers. It is the 22nd movie of MCU and sequel of infinity war. People loved MCU movies and Endgame was loved by everyone throughout the world. One of the powerful villains of MCU is Thanos who died in the end by all the avengers. The most important spoiler of the movie is at the end we lost our favorite hero Ironman. It is the saddest part of the movie for all MCU fans.

Gayniggers from outer space (1992):

Whenever you type what space movie was made in 1992 on Google you will get the result of Gayniggers from outer space which was a sci-fi comedy adventurous movie of the 90s. the movie based on a team of interplanetary homosexual men from Anus planet who discover presence of women on Earth. The movie educates people about the new way of lifestyle.

Fantastic beasts (2016):

Fantastic Beasts is a fantasy-based film which was released in 2016. The movie is the prequel of the Harry Potter series and created an adventurous plot. The movie was a blockbuster which earned 814 million dollars. You must watch the movie.

Spiderman: no way home (2021):

Spiderman is another biggest blockbuster of MCU which was released on 17th December, 2021. It is the 27th film of MCU which is based on the spiderman character of marvel comics. Tom Holland is playing the main character Spiderman or Peter parker. If you did not watch the movie, you will never experience the actual action and adventurous movie actually. In this movie you will see the concept of multiverse with three amazing different spider men.

The new mutants (2020):

It is one of the best marvel-comics based superhero horror movies which was released in 2020. In this movie you can see your favorite heroes such as Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Adam Beach and many others. In the movie you can see a group of mutants detained in an undisclosed facility fight for saving themselves.

Interstellar (2014):

Interstellar is one of the biggest movies of Hollywood which is based on travel explorers through a worm-hole in space to certify humanity’s survival. The movie got 8.8 rating out of 10 in Imdb. The movie showed that the future of Earth has been pierced by famines, droughts and disasters and the only way to certify mankind’s survival is Interstellar travel. The movie is full of suspense and adventures.

Mad Max (2015):

Mad Max is a blockbuster adventurous Hollywood movie which got more than 97% critics positive ratings. The movie is based on warriors who lead despot’s wives in a courageous escape. In this movie you can see Tom Hardy as the lead actor and Charlize Theron as the lead actress.


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