Best Educational Cartoons That Today’s Kids Should Watch

We always want our children to learn from various options. Children love to watch cartoons but not all of the cartoons are educational, even some of them also spoil their mentality. That’s why some parents are very confused between which cartoons are educational and which are not. Today’s kids including celebrity children like John Edward Thomas Moynahan are learning from several cartoons. Those cartoons are for basic learning such as Mathematics, language building, general awareness and science. Some of them are focused on enhancing life skills and values so that your children are able to steer and save their lives.

Tom and Jerry:

Tom and Jerry is one of the oldest cartoons ever and it remains our favorite till now. The cartoon is based on the fight between Tom and jerry. But Tom always saved Jerry from any problem or bad situation and Jerry also did the same. So, in this context there might be a question: are Tom and Jerry best friends? The answer is yes, they are best friends. The cartoon taught us we should always help people no matter how much we hate them.

Dora & Friends:

Dora & Friends is a very popular cartoon where the implemented theme revolves about friendship, community service and problem solving. Dora & friends are described as ideal role models and hardworking whose desire is to convert their backyard to the better by trying greatly in their small way.

Elena of Avalor:

From this cartoon you can learn the value of family and friends. Latina is the idyllic role model who is portrayed in the series as feisty and kind who maintains both family and friends value. Whenever kids watch that Elena goes for the adventure, they conclude the values of kindness and honesty and learn passively. Your children also learn Spanish and know about Latin culture through the songs and dances.

Rexy & the Volcano:

Rexy & the Volcano is a cartoon of dinosaurs. The cartoon is based on the baby dinosaur Rexy and his mother who have three fingers in each hand while others have two fingers. From the cartoon your children can learn the loveable side of a mother to her child and also know some facts such as what dinosaur has 500 teeth?

Sid the science kid:

Kids at the stage of 4-7 years are very fascinating, determining & learning about the surrounding world. In this animated cartoon Sid is a science kid which made every kid to arouse wonder and curiosity in them. However, this curiosity and urge changes their love for science in the future. The music and humourheighten the impacts and make the kid inquisitive at times of having fun.

Dr Panda Toto Time:

It is one of the best cartoons for primary and kindergarten kids for basic encouragement and learning skills. The series encourages the emergence of educational values plus basic skills for helping to learn further the world. You can watch the cartoon on YouTube as every new episode is available every week.

 Word Girl:

It’s created to strengthen various subjects. The cartoon enhances your children’s vocabulary skills. The heroine of the series is fighting a villain and saves the day with her vocabulary skills. The cartoon not only assists in widening the prospect but also assists children to pronounce every word correctly.


While your kids enjoy and learn at the same time by watching these cartoons. Cartoons help to develop many skills including Math, General knowledge, Science plus develop your children to be a kind and better person in future.So in the end we can say that not all the cartoons spoiled your kids.


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