Top 5 Safety Mobile Apps and Tools for Your Babies and Kids


As a parent, your foremost priority should be keeping your baby safe at all costs. Fortunately, you can do that in this digital era without worrying too much. How? You can do that with the assistance of child safety mobile apps. The section of child safety apps is still in the growing stages in the app stores. That yields two significant reasons for you to invest in such apps; 1) you help secure child safety, and 2) you can have a lucrative business opportunity.

Nevertheless, you may wonder about the App Developers Dubai, which is the same as making a typical mobile app. That market is fresh. Thus, don’t lose any more time building a child safety app.

However, child safety and security are increasingly vital and inescapable. This is the reason you are reading this blog in the first place. Therefore, set tight, we’ll be providing the top 5 baby mobile safety apps that can help you keep your baby safe and sound, especially concerning proper car safety. Apparently, when you are on the road. That means you are more vulnerable and open to risks, so your baby is in the back seat of the car. Sometimes you forget your baby in the car, and sometimes you leave him intentionally to run a quick errand, although forgetting is understandable, which we can help you with.

On the other hand, leaving your baby in the even for a second alone is not the wise decision – that’s thoughtless. Because you never know speeding cars may hit your vehicle (with baby in it). So, don’t do that.

Keep reading! Know how to keep your baby safe.

Top 5 Child Safety Mobile Apps You Must Download as A Parent

Child safety is super important and a must-do practice for a parent, although no matter how caring you are of a parent, you may sometimes forget your baby in the back seat. For that and more child safety measures to take care of your baby, here are the top 5 mobile safety apps that remind parents there’s a baby in the back seat:

1 – Kars4Kids

I believe you are not that parent who wants to stop caring for your child and wants other essential things to be done, even for a little bit. This is where the Kars4Kids app steps in to ensure baby safety amid traffic and crowd. Kars4Kids mobile safety app is for busy parents who commute for groceries shopping almost every day. It is a free app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. But how will it keep your baby safe? What this app does is, alert every time you leave your car, reminding you to check your baby and have it with you. Yes, it’ll do that each time so you won’t forget your baby in the car. Indeed, you don’t what to face that kind of sarcastic criticism – what kind of parent forgets a baby? So to make sure not that happens, your way to go – Kars4Kids.

2 – Waze

You can use another child safety Android and iOS mobile app to ensure your child’s safety while commuting. At the same time, child-caring is a challenging and crucial business to deal with – especially for a novice parent. Gladly, technologies have bestowed upon us apps such as Waze, which automatically notifies you to check your baby and pets in the cars when you arrive at any destination. Using Waze is super easy for even a non-technical parent. Simply, turn on its child reminder feature, and you’re all set. It’s even not for a moment safe to leave a baby in the car alone as the infant can’t talk and something might happen – you never know. And never be a parent who learns things the hard way. Thus, keep that in mind and use these baby safety apps as a good and more caring parent.

3 – Check Your Backseat App

In some cases, you may have a sleep-deprived routine and an overloaded memory, although that is never a justification to compromise your child’s safety at any cost. These backseat baby reminder apps come in very handy even in moments like that. Check Your Backseat is another app that will help you be notified to check the backseat for your child. Funny thing: infants can’t speak to remind you, ‘take me with you.’ Thus, you should install the Check Your Backseat App to be a good and caring parent. This intelligent app can trigger atomically at the end of each trip and alert you with a ‘Check Your Backseat for Baby.’ Additionally, you can even make slight adjustments to this app settings; volume adjustment, mute app (in case the baby isn’t in the vehicle), in addition to more of such unique features.

4 – Baby First – Car Seat Safety

Many mobile app development companies and app developers Florida find glory in building such baby caring apps. Another app to consider is Baby First. This app will remind you to check your backseat when you turn your vehicle off. And it’ll constantly vibrate with a loud sound until you dismiss and check for your baby. Using this app is very easy. It’ll start working in the background in just three steps and alert you when needed. Keep in mind; baby caring is crucial in a parent’s life. And to act as an intelligent parent, consider this kind of baby safety apps.

5 – Baby + | Your Baby Tracker

When it comes to mobile safety apps for babies, we tend not to provide small-scale baby caring apps that only work to remind you to check your backseat for baby, although those four apps for reminding you to check your backseat are sufficient – from them choose any. But you and I both know it; there is more to taking care of the baby and protecting him. This is where the Baby + app steps in, ensuring baby tracking from its growth to upcoming milestones.

With daily blogs, parenting guides, recovery tips, and smooth breastfeeding videos, the Baby + app caters to all of them. Being a parent means you have to know each angle of taking care of a baby in the first place. This is why you need to check this app at least and know for sure if it’s helping – making your baby safe and creating a good parent out of you. However, the baby + app has more features than I have mentioned in this blog.

Take Care of Your Baby, Please

These cute little dummies are the best things that can happen to human life. And protecting them should be our top priority. Although this blog has provided five mobile safety apps for babies, choosing from them can be tricky at times, you can test each of them by their workings, user interface, and user experience and select the one you find fit for you.


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