6 advantages of AWS cloud computing

Amazon Web Service or AWS is a cloud computing platform. It includes packaged software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS). Their services also provide tools like content delivery service and database storage.

Well, it was launched by Amazon in 2006. Educational institutes, government agencies, private and non-profit organizations utilize their services. So, if you are one of them, you can look for an AWS consulting partner. For sure, they will guide you on how the AWS cloud computing platform works.

As you may know, many companies have started utilizing cloud services, whether they are large or small businesses. As per the Right Scale survey of last year, 40 percent of businesses have uploaded their workload on the public cloud, whereas 39 percent have uploaded on private clouds. In a nutshell, many companies have started recognizing the advantages of AWS.

In case you are still hesitant to search for a consulting partner, you can read the advantages of AWS cloud computing below.

  • It helps save costs: Due to AWS services, businesses can save costs easily. Whether it is physical facilities, utilities, or hardware, you don’t have to invest so much. Well, you no longer have to pay for data center upgrades or any equipment.

If you can effortlessly handle on-site servers, it means that you can manage the needs and requirements of the staff. When it comes to small or mid-sized businesses, maintaining AWS is 40 percent more cost-effective than maintaining an on-premise system.

  • It provides flexibility in various subscription options: You will find many cloud service providers that provide flexibility in their resources. For instance, your business might scale up if the current needs are fulfilled.

With the help of AWS, you can deploy different strategies of cost optimization by handling certain resources at a granular level. You can ensure that it will reduce your bill immensely.

  • It improves disaster recovery: One of the concerns for companies with big in-house IT functions has always been disaster recovery. These companies followed the standard protocol, which means that the backup was stored in a different physical location.

Well, it was pretty expensive too. But if you utilize the services of AWS cloud computing, you can attain levels of higher service with a minimized hassle of disaster recovery.

  • It helps you gain top security: They ensure that your data is secure no matter what cloud platform you utilize. But when it comes to security, several companies have found AWS to be reliable. So, you can consult an AWS consulting firm and get this platform installed right away.

Your access, encryption, firewall, and identity will be secured in the AWS cloud platform. Top security levels can be maintained with the help of cloud service providers. When you transfer your data in the cloud, you can cut down the costs of in-house security.

  • You gain access to new markets and new business models: If you want to attain new markets by remaining “connected”, you must definitely opt for the AWS cloud computing platform. You can provide services that can be delivered to international users with the help of the internet.

Many utilize the cloud to gain access to new business models by innovating and revamping them. Hence, you can search for an AWS consulting partner and gain access to different tools.

  • It gives you a workspace with mobility: With the help of the cloud, you can hire the best talent from a vast variety of global talent pools. For that, you have to just tap into the market. Additionally, you will be able to accommodate flexibility in the work schedules. It also allows your team to stay connected even if you are traveling.


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