12 Benefits Of Video Advertising That You Must Know 

Video Advertising


The pandemic changed our lives in multiple ways. Most of us now live life in the online mode. Classes are online, work is from home, and most of the shopping gets delivered. Therefore, marketing has acquired a whole new paradigm, that of video marketing. Brands must engage most of their potential customers while they are on the Internet on their phones and laptops. One of the best ways to engage in digital marketing is by using videos.

If your brand can create video ads that consistently grab attention from people online, then there is a good chance that your business will flourish. Brands and businesses that have been able to create video ads that impact or connect with the audience have witnessed consistent growth and support. The Internet is a platform where anyone can put out any video and if the content is good, it gains popularity.

With the popularity of Instagram Reels, Stories on Facebook and Instagram, Facebook Video ads, the first step a brand must take to get its name out there is to create video ads. Video advertising may seem like something complex at the start but is quite easy once learned. This is a skill that several brands have had to acquire to succeed in the online mode. Brands that can afford have hired specialised professionals to provide video marketing services. Smaller brands and business owners have had to learn the skill.

While it may seem intimidating, some video editors can help you with editing videos very easily. One of the best video editors available online. It is a web-based platform that is free to use and does not even require a signup. The platform can be used on macOS and Windows and is best optimised to be used on the Chrome browser. Many templates and filters are readily available. Easily incorporate text and audio into your video with the help of editor. The AI system is suitable for detecting any errors in text or colour correction to lend your videos a professional look.

Many other video editors, free as well as paid, are on the market. The point is that, with the help of a video editor, you can easily complete the task of editing videos and use them for marketing. The brands that are thriving and succeeding are the ones that are using videos to engage their customers and drive traffic to their pages.

But why go through all the trouble to create video ads? Here are 12 benefits of video advertising to answer that.

1 -Videos are popular: Millions of people watch videos on the Internet every day. Therefore, videos can easily go viral and gain popularity.


2 – Videos about new products are helpful: What better way to launch a new product than to make a video showing how it works? Tutorials and demo videos are extremely popular, and this format is great to create video ads.


3 – Flexibility: Advertisers decide which videos viewers must watch in full and which ones can be skipped. If the video can hook the viewer in the first few seconds, then they will be more inclined to watch the whole video.


4 – Cost-effective: While video advertising still requires an investment, advertising on platforms like Google, YouTube, and Facebook is cheaper than traditional advertising. Ads on these platforms get a lot of visibility and can greatly boost sales.


5 – Video ads can be produced in multiple formats: Video ads aren’t restricted to any one website or social media platform. They can be different in length, have a CTA or hashtags, be attached with emails, and be independent URL links.


6 – Videos can be watched on multiple devices: Videos must be optimised for laptops and mobile phones because this is the only way to reach all potential customers. Especially in the age of Instagram Reels, if you create video ads that are short and interesting, many people will enjoy the content. Video ads are very popular among consumers. The shorter the ads, the better they perform.


7 – Videos can be shared: Social media is all about sharing what you like with your friends, and videos are some of the most shared items on social media. In fact, this is how videos go viral. According to some statistics, more than 1 billion videos are being shared daily on social media platforms.


8 – The massive benefit of SEO: Search Engine Optimisation has been a game-changer for brands on the Internet. This extends to videos too, and not just texts and blogs. Search engines like Google push videos to the top of relevant searches. Tag your video descriptions the accurate way and watch them show up in relevant searches. Upload them on YouTube and across social media platforms for maximum exposure.


9 – Analytics: Analytics is extremely helpful for brands to understand how well their content is performing and whether it is reaching the target audience or not. Analytics can help in making improvements and can help create video ads that are better and ensure results.


10 – Videos have no boundaries: Often, many ads of foreign companies gain popularity in different countries. This is because videos have no boundaries. They can be shared on any platform, and if the content is good, it will be watched by people in different countries. Due to captions and audio, even language is not a barrier.


11 – Information sharing is madenv easy: Videos are a great medium for conveying stories. Audio-visual stories can engage all the senses of the viewer and connect with them emotionally. Important information like tutorials and demos can also be shared through videos.


12 – Sales conversion: Conversions are essential, and videos help people decide whether they want to buy a product. Based on product videos, many customers determine whether a product is right for them.

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