How to Market Your Mobile App In 2021

Competition in the app market is growing every year. More and more often, developers are thinking about an advertising campaign at the stage of product creation. And it is a very smart decision. After all, only an integrated approach will give the desired effect. And if you still think that for successful promotion it is enough to be placed on Google Play or the App Store, that’s definitely one of your biggest mistakes. 

No matter how great your app is, even if it has a unique and highly demanded idea, if you do not make your product visible through proper promotion, you will not achieve success. Building an application is half the battle. A huge amount of work awaits after the release of the product. Let’s talk about the most effective promotion tools.


  1. ASO (App Store Optimization) is a huge part of mobile app marketing which combines a lot of actions aimed at increasing the position of the application. ASO includes both visual and technical components. So if you want to to improve the position of the application within ASO you have to:
  • create a simple and catchy heading that contains brief information about the application’s functions;
  • the description of the application should contain keywords, benefits for the user, differences from competitors, as well as information about the latest updates;
  • choose the right category;
  • the application icon should be such that even the user can easily draw it. In addition, it should look good on different device wallpapers;
  • add screenshots with the most interesting or explanatory pages to the description.


  1. Influencer marketing. People often make decisions according to someone’s advice. The same is with recommendations about the applications. Reviews of bloggers and articles on specialized resources will also be effective. For bloggers, provide promotional codes for free testing, and write a review of the application on your own, having coordinated it with the editors of the portals in advance.
  2. Build a community. Provide users with a platform for communication, for example, a group on Facebook or Instagram page. Respond to questions, ratings, reviews, suggestions, etc. in a timely manner. You can also engage users to improve the product, conduct surveys and not wait for them to give a low rating due to flaws. Remember to work with negative reviews as well. Your potential users have to see the way you cooperate with your clients and your willingness to solve their problems.
  3. Invest in SEO. Another great option for getting organic traffic and potential customers directly to your website is to increase its positions in SERPs (search engine result pages). SEO marketing will help your website rank higher for relevant keywords so that potential customers can easily find you in search engines. It includes technical SEO, collecting semantic data, on-page and off-page optimization, etc.
  4. Entering the TOPs of stores. Each app market has its own rules. To reach the TOP, you need not only to comply with them, but also to show high results on the following points: the number of installations, ratings and user reviews, the number of program uninstallations, the duration of sessions, a detailed description and the correct use of keywords, etc.
  5. Contextual advertising. You can set up and display ads in the search engine advertising networks. The main advantage of PPC advertising is that ads are shown only to interested users. True, for this you need to set up the advertising campaign correctly.
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