Best Pest Control Service for Homeowner & Fresno realtor

Homeowners and Fresno realtor have gone through a long painful fight with pest, bugs and termite in their home and real estate listings. It’s clear that they wanted these issues to clear for once and for all.


Even doing daily clean up in the home unit wont be enough to tackle these pest invaders, as they can’t get rid of pest and bugs effectively without the help of professional pest control service. With personalized tools and treatment, they have the understanding and ability to remove any pest issues for the long run.


This kind of service would benefit all realty fresno ecosystem as it can help get clovis homes for sale clean and clear, so realtor companies near me can proceed with their activity and close the transaction.


Let us introduce you to Bobby Gutierrez, he is the Chief Executive Officer for Ridx Pest Control. The pest service company is located in Fresno and has been in business for nearly 18 years, focusing in home repairs, termite removal and pest control.


Speaking of advantage, Ridx Pest Control has highly contributed to the industry with a total of five inspectors, termite crew and a contractor. So the company have been hit the market with their full power (responsible with most of pest control market), getting inspections, repairs and report done for their satisfied clients.


Linda Peltz as realtor companies near me, believes that timing is an important factor for this seller’s market, that every realty fresno stakeholder must go above and beyond for every Clovis homes for sale process, get offers accepted until the keys are handed. So that’s why pest control and repairs are important to smooth the transactions as Fresno realtor and vendors are on the time schedule.


Currently Linda held a brief discussion with Bobby Gutierrez covering the importance of home pest control and inspection. Make sure to check them out and get important references for your realty Fresno.


The Company Method to Control Pest Issues

In the absence of pest issues, Bobby and his crew usually held a tight inspection and found some plumbing issues that the homeowner wasn’t aware of. That being said, their professional skill and expertise have been very valuable for their clients and Fresno realtor, further they have been very thorough on this issue and to tackle pest in every Clovis homes for sale. 


Before beginning the pest control, Bobby makes sure to completely check the home if they are applicable with section one or section two criteria. Section one criteria meaning that there is an active infestation of termites or dry rot. Usually this section is important to taken care of before the fresno home is sold


Meanwhile, section two are categorized with conducive conditions in homes that can lead to termite problems which refer to moisture in the sub area, leaks on the rain gutter into the facial board. This section can be done before the home is sold or after the new homeowner is in the home.

How Does Fresno Realtor Benefit From This?

Realtor have the responsibility to maintain the best appearance for their real estate listings, whether there is no damage to be found, all facilities in good shape and pest or termite is in control. Further, it’s more beneficial for every real estate stakeholder to at least have a pest and repair company behind the Clovis homes for sale.


Linda explained that some realtor companies near me commonly point out an earth to wood contact which correlates to wood posts going up out of the dirt, leaning up against and touching the home. So this is one of the things realtors should take care of before market the listings.


Fresno realtor are welcome to get Ridx Pest Control on a long-term collaboration. Bobby is kind enough to give us more details on how the company ‘s bring value to realty Fresno. Moreover, with their expertise in their market, they can offer us a complete service in exchange for a low rate especially for realtors out there! 


So grab your cell now and reach out to them before it’s too late!


Bobby Gutierrez, Ridx Pest Control


Linda Peltz, eXp Realty



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