Ways you can Improve Your Insurance Company’s Website

Building a robust online presence is very much important in this modern world to standing ahead of your fellow businesses. With modern customers increasingly using online resources like search engines and social media sites to get insurance quotes and find reliable insurance agencies, insurance companies should meet their potential customers where they are searching online. Creating a responsive and fast-loading website could be the very first step in legitimizing your insurance company as a trusted resource over the web.  

Website Updates for Your Insurance Company’s Website

Whether you are a life insurance seller or a tree trimmer insurance company, you can try following website updates to drive more traffic and potential customers to your site. 

Make it Easy to Navigate

If internet users find your website confusing and hard to navigate, they will bounce away immediately. That’s why you should make it easy for users to find what exactly they are looking for without facing any difficulty. The use of a visually appealing layout, clear headers, bullet points, and lists can boost the overall appeal and effectiveness of your website. Make it easy to navigate for people looking for important information such as insurance quotes, contact details or you’re your blog to learn more about insurance plans. If they find useful information quickly, they are likely to stay on your site for longer and tend to buy from you. 

Choose a Responsive & Mobile Friendly Design

A huge number of people are using their mobile devices when they need to find or search for something online. They might also be doing the same when searching for insurance quotes. This means your insurance company website must also have a responsive and mobile friendly design to entertain more online users who are using their mobile devices. It makes your website experience consistent across different devices. If your website design is not responsive, you should choose one right now to never miss out on an opportunity to convert more mobile users into customers. 

Optimize for Speed and Search Engines

Modern consumers are impatient and always in a hurry. And if your website takes more seconds to load properly than normal, the user will leave it and opt for a better option. Not only this, slow loading sites are difficult to rank in search engines. So, you should be optimizing your insurance website for speed and search engines at the same time to see amazing results in terms of increased traffic and more leads. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to check the speed of your website and get quick suggestions to improve. For search engine optimization, keyword research should be the very first step you can take to find out the best performing and relevant keywords to optimize your website for them. 

Make Important Documents and Contact Information Visible 

Insurers work with a lot of information and documents that potential customers want to know before making a final decision. That’s why it is important to make documents like insurance cards or proof of insurance easily accessible. Also, provide them with different ways to contact your company so they can get their queries answered accordingly. The use of a chatbot or live chat option is also a great idea to answer customer queries in real-time and make them stay longer on your site. 

Allow Them to Get Quotes Online

Modern customers don’t just want to get insurance quotes online right on their mobile devices but they expect it from an insurance company they are about to make a deal with. To outpace your competitors, you should provide your potential customers with online quote options so they can get quotes easily whenever they want. You can also add insurance calculators on your website to help users put key information and get quick figures they need to know before making final insurance related decisions. It will help prevent your customers from leaving the website to get quotes from another insurance company. 

Add Testimonials and Reviews

According to research, almost 88% of online customers have been influenced by online reviews and customer testimonials available on the site. Adding customer reviews and testimonials is one of the recommended ways to boost the credibility of your insurance company website. It helps potential customers make informed decisions based on experience shared by random customers of the company. As an insurance company, you should try to get positive reviews across your digital channels like website, Google My Business profile, social media profiles, and other business listing and review websites.

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