Unorthodox Ways To Treat Psoriasis

If either you or someone you love suffers from Psoriasis, then you must be well aware of the challenges it brings to daily life. Fortunately for you, the solutions listed below in this article, although a bit unorthodox, can be of real benefit to you. 

If we are to describe the condition in a very simple way then the ailment can be described as bringing about flaky, crusty, and also patches of skin that are red and is generally covered with scales that are silvery in color. In the majority of these cases, we will find that these patches mainly are seen and appear on the scalp, knees, elbows, and also the lower back. These patches can also appear just about anywhere on your person. 

It is also important to mention that this particular ailment also is a type of condition that is very particular to the individual who is suffering from this disease. It is important to realize that not everyone will develop the same issues. As a result of this, you can also probably guess that there is not a single type of one size fits all treatment for Psoriasis. Everyone just develops their own particular issues when it comes to this particular condition. As a result of this, it is important to realize that everyone will need custom treatment plans that have been tailor made for their particular Psoriasis needs. Obviously the first thing that has to be done is to seek help from your doctor and also to maybe consult a dermatologist. However, the following suggestions can also go a long way in helping you mitigate the issues that are brought upon by this condition. One thing that we must mention here is that the following suggestions and alternative treatment methods ought to be utilized in addition to whatever plan of treatment your doctor has recommended you.

Salt Baths

You will be surprised at this but something as simple as a warm bath has the potential to do wonders for your psoriasis condition. The one thing that is important to mention here is that the bath ought to be warm and not too hot. You can really maximize the benefits of these types of baths by adding a few simple ingredients to the bath. This can really help with fighting the irritation and also the itchiness that one experiences when they are suffering from psoriasis. One of the best ingredients for achieving this type of results happens to be Epsom salt. Other things include some oils and also colloidal oatmeal. 


You can really get some fantastic results if you make use of the salts from the Dead sea. This has been known to have a very beneficial effect for those who suffer from psoriasis. There are loads of natural minerals that are found in high concentration in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is also a lot more saltier than any and all oceans. 

Extracts of Aloe Vera

The cream-like extract that can be derived from Aloe Vera plants have within them, a lot of beneficial medicinal properties. When you apply this cream to the skin, you can get a lot of relief from the irritation and also the itching that is caused by this condition. This cream can also really help you with dealing with the redness and also the scaling of the skin. The studies that have looked into the efficacy of this type of treatment has had mixed results. The studies have, however, made it abundantly clear that the extract of this plant really has a lot of benefits in the plaques that are psoriatic. 

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Fatty acids, like the ones that are found in Omega 3, are renowned for their properties that can dramatically reduce a lot of the inflammation in the body. What this means is that these acids can be made use of quite successfully in order to fight back against some of the symptoms that this condition brings up. Inflammation is the prime culprit when it comes to those highly undesired itchy and red flakes. You will be thus pleased to know that you can find Omega 3s naturally in a whole host of different types of foods. Some of the more well known sources of Omega 3s include stuff such as some particular nuts, fatty fish and also seeds and soy. If you think your diet is lacking in fatty acids and these Omega 3s, then you can quite easily get some supplements for these acids at your nearest health and fitness store. 


Light therapy

Light therapy is yet another alternative therapy model that has proven to be quite effective in combating the signs and symptoms of psoriasis in a whole host of different people. This type of therapy can provide these benefits mainly owing to the fact that they help in cutting down inflammation within the skin. Also, it can seriously reduce the production of the harmful cells that are found in the skin. This method of treating psoriasis is, as of yet, still thought to be a seriously unorthodox approach to treating this condition. This type of treatment is normally recommended for people who are suffering from psoriasis that is of a moderate level. This type of treatment is also reserved for the situations in which the more regular methods of treatment have not been able to do much. 


The way this type of therapy works is by making the skin exposed to light that is very bright and also to shining light that is ultraviolet. This really does have the potential to drastically reduce many of the undesirable effects of psoriasis including the plaques. In a lot of cases, light therapy can completely get rid of these plaques. Although it will most definitely just cure psoriasis, you can still get a lot of benefits when it comes to mitigating the issues brought about by psoriasis.

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