Switch to Remote Working While Maintaining Growth Momentum with VoIP Solutions

Human interaction is vital for business. So many deals are struck “across the table.” Staff members discuss matters, help each other out and take decisions during meetings inside the office and outside. Customer support is the result of people at work providing support to the person interfacing with a caller. Covid-19 put paid to close interactions but that does not mean your business and its growth momentum should come to a halt. Custom VoIP solution development shifts such interactions to virtual space with none of the disadvantages of “distancing”. In fact, where other businesses might be tardy about adopting VoIP, you can, and it will help you overtake competition. 


VoIP facilitates virtualized work environments

Remote work is nothing new. Even a casual reference to job sites will show a sizeable requirement for remote personnel. The Coronavirus only served to emphasize remote work. The International Workplace Group found that 70% employees work at least one day a week from their home or from any other location. It is just that now, remote work is becoming a standard practice rather than an extension to office work. The only bottleneck is communication. This is easily resolved by putting in place VoIP platform by a custom VoIP development Company. Unlike old phone lines, VoIP recreates the office atmosphere online, letting employees see and talk with each other as well as share documents and access records. 


Maintain continuity

Custom VoIP development is always to be preferred over the free tools such as Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger. You get: 

  • Total security with no way any unauthorized person can hack into the system and disrupt proceedings or access data.
  • Seamless integration with your CRM and databases and a unified communication dashboard for all employees. 

With this unified platform in place you are sure about continuity of processes such as production, marketing and sourcing. All this is possible in real time through conferencing. 


Use WebRTC in your VoIP communication suite and conferencing is not just about virtual interactions. Participants can see each other, send emails during the conference, show documents, images or videos during the session and exchange documents. Distances really do not matter at all when you can get together for a conference online. You maintain continuity of process. It is smooth and fast. 


You could get VoIP solution development services to custom design WebRTC platform and that alone is sufficient for continuity of business operations by enabling a virtualized work environment online. 


UC layered IP PBX

You may want something more comprehensive for today and for the future to ensure remote working faces no hiccups. In this case you could get your existing IP PBX layered with unified communication. You get social media, email, fax, SMS, audio-video conferencing and telephony rolled into one user dashboard that your employees, wherever they are located, can access. It also gives them access to CRM and database.  How does this help to accelerate growth momentum of your business? 

  • Fluid, seamless interaction with customers over social media and other channels
  • All such data stored in a central database for easy retrieval and analysis
  • Employees stay connected with each other throughout the day and can stay updated. The feeling of isolation is not there despite their being located in different places. You can easily hold meetings to chart out course of action and even conduct small learning sessions. 
  • Connect with vendors and other stake holders through any communication channel, turn a chat into a conference and arrive at speedy decisions. It inspires confidence and builds trust. You get better terms from vendors. 



To the outside world, and this means customers and vendors, your business must appear as a cohesive unit. How can you ensure this if your communications are in disarray and no one in your workforce knows what is going on? VoIP is the cement that glues together everything and everyone in a cohesive structure. If customers call, they are not put on hold or given replies such as “Sorry but I do not have access to records” or “Mr X is not reachable and we will get back to you later.” Vendors do not have to worry about receiving orders since purchase people are in touch with manufacturing unit and they are in touch with sales to know about demand. It does need the services of experts in Custom VoIP Development to put in place a solid platform to virtualize communications and collaboration but it is worth it and will hold good for future too. 


Since you assure continuity of work your employees are not likely to leave and, with a strong, competent and knowledgeable workforce, you can easily forget ahead, working cohesively as a powerful team. Many businesses think of shutting shop or paring down operations due to enforced distancing norms but with VoIP as the best alternative there is no need to do so. Instead, you can continue momentum of growth and generate steady revenues. 

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