How to Make Your Home Worth More Money

When thinking about selling your house, one of the first questions you’ll probably ask yourself is, “What is my home worth?” If that number isn’t what you hoped it was, there are many different ways to increase it, including these.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

While they say, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” when it comes to your home, its exterior is definitely going to be judged. As that’s what people see first, an impressive exterior tells passersby that the inside is probably well worth a look, improving the perceived value of your home, making it worth more money. Painting your home provides one of the biggest bangs for the buck, making one of the most significant impacts for a relatively inexpensive cost, yielding a 55% return on investment. Experts advise using no more than three colors, one for the garage door and trim, one for the front door and shutters, and the other for the rest of the home, avoiding any colors that are too bold. 

Add Smart Home Features

An increasing number of homebuyers are looking for smart home features. They like the convenience and efficiency, as well as the potential savings. For example, programmable thermostats can sense when you’re home or away and adjust the temperature accordingly to help save on utility bills. Smart door locks mean no longer having to fumble for the house key in your pocket, or having to hide a spare under a rock. They can even detect when you arrive home and unlock the door for you when you’re standing outside. You can also program them to allow access to guests you select, family members, and friends. There are smart home appliances, security systems, lights, and more, all adding value and benefits to your home. 

Change Up the Lighting

You might be surprised to learn that lighting can make a significant difference in the look of your home’s interior. It can make spaces look brighter, larger, and even more luxurious. Simply adding a chandelier to your dining room or to your master bathroom adds a touch of elegance. In the kitchen, recessed lights help to evenly distribute light, while pendants are ideal for hanging over an island. 

Paint Your Cabinets

If your cabinets look shabby or are outdated, they take away from the value of your home. If you can’t afford to install new cabinets, considering painting the ones you have. White is a great choice, making rooms look bigger and brighter without ever going out of style. Plus, if the future owner wants to repaint them in another color it will be a lot easier. 

Update Fixtures

While most fixtures come at a low cost, updating them can change the look of rooms throughout your home. When those little details are attractive and appear high-quality, it automatically gives potential buyers a sense of better value. Change up the doorknobs, outlet, lightswitch covers, light fixtures, and so on. Be sure the style is cohesive throughout your home, which will make it appear more up-to-date and worth more money.

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