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Umar Mehmood

Umar Mehmood

As in the company he is working since last 3 years and trusts me he is the most sufficient staff member in our company. He is really very hard working though he did not come on time in his full career. It is fact his career is full of ups and downs but it is also fact downs are extra than ups.

There are lots of things that He makes us to write upon him, here is undoubtedly having a very unique and different personality. His working skills and efforts are not hidden anymore.

As he joined the company in June 2018, he quickly become a team leader and started his career as guider and as a coach.

With his working expectation he joined the company with his extraordinary skills of search and compatible SEO working analysis.

As he is the one of amazing Tickoker, freelancer, seo specialist, team leader, and successful person in his overall career.

He is the not only single person but also full family is belonging to this field like his elder brother “Salman mahmood” also an experienced and authentic group leader with his brilliant guest posting and SEO skills. As we know he comes from really true hardworking family background.



  • Name: Umar mahmood
  • Father name: Mahmood Ahmad
  • Age: 22 year
  • Joining date: june, 2018
  • Date of birth: 04-04-1996
  • salary per month: 2,00,000
  • Qualification: MBA IT
  • School name: Beacon house
  • University education: GC university


Professional skills & profile links overview

In his professional career there are lots of skills he has obtain and the most excellent skill is SEO and paid guest posting. He is the leading member of paid guest posting in our company and really very honest in his work as well.

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Umar Mehmood as a tiktoker

One o the superstars and leading rising star in Tiktok. You will see one day he has become the most popular person on the tiktok, although there are lots of his videos he has uploaded on tiktok are very unique and innovative. He is producing very new content with his official tiktok videos and there are lots of new things he has introduced as well. You can easily check his quality stuff in his tiktok channel and also on the social media profiles.


Umar mehmood as a SEO specialist

He charged with the lots of responsibilities and depending on the company totally. He works as a hardcore to compete with the all difficulties and raise his position at the top. In SEO his working skills are really great and website analysis is superior. Basically the website analysis is critical to success of SEO marketing and that target company sites confirm to the latest standards for SEO and his skills.

Website Analysis SEO For the success of any SEO marketing campaign, it is essential that the target company’s website meets the latest standards for search engine optimization. Keywords, backlinks, formatting and content are just a few of the key areas that an SEO expert considers when analyzing, redesigning and rebuilding a website.

Keyword Optimization Keywords SEO It is important to research the keywords for the desired page and to formally introduce them in a website. Here are discussed the extraordinary skills of Umar mahmood as under.


Content Preparation

Keywords are important, but the textual, informative and graphical content on this page should also be prepared by an SEO expert.

Search Engine Parameters SEO This can be the most important task of an SEO expert. Maintain an up-to-date understanding of how major search engines, and in particular Google, are using SERP as a standard, informing all of these SEO expert design choices.

Information Technology Skills SEO A skilled SEO expert should have a strong background in familiarity with HTML, CSS, multiple programming languages ​​and multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.


Client Management

The SEO specialist must have the knowledge to work on the goals of his employer or client. Any good site must first be in line with the site owner’s business strategy.

Analytical Processing Problems The ability to analyze problems, find appropriate resources, and develop solutions goes to the center of the SEO expert position. As the name suggests, an SEO expert can focus on a specific part of search engine optimization. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.


Link Builder

This is an SEO skill that is growing in importance as more search engines adopt backlinking as an integral part of their search algorithm. Creating authoritative backlinks from a reputable website to a client’s website can be a complex proposition that requires extensive expertise and critical human management skills.


Web Researcher  

The Internet is a complex, dynamic environment that requires constant analysis and evaluation. The research component of an SEO professional’s responsibilities can easily grow into a full-time job. These SEO experts often provide backgrounds for content authors, web developers, and link builders. They also provide valuable information on the latest SEO guidelines.


Working achievements

In his full working career in the company he faces lots of things and he also obtained lots of achievements, awards and surprises exactly. It is fact he has complete his journey as from 0 to a successful man in the world. Now he has achieved almost everything in the life and also in the search of more success in his life. As sharing with a few words with him I come to know that his courage and his thinking will make him a billionaire and a successful member of the SThint company overall.

At this level as he is still working in the company he bought his own home,

An amazing Bike,

A very beautiful 4 wheeler vehicle,

It is true his skills and thoughts are not bounded as ocean and not even his journey got stopped, it is just a start and there are lots of things he will discover so his achievements and rewards are coming one by one next in the future.

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