Free Skills Online Learning Platforms in 2020

Nowadays students are busy in their studies and left the curricular activities, and skills learning activities just because of high fee and lots of school burden. In this tough time how students get the skills which can help them in their professional life. Thanks to the internet which has solved this problem. With the help of the internet you can easily learn skills. The skills can be web development, mobile application development, writing skills, foreign languages like, how to do a scottish accent and so on. Some platforms on the internet are premium, but you can get the same material on the free sources. How? Let’s take a look below.

1. Youtube

I don’t think so anyone who is an internet surfer doesn’t know about this platform. Youtube is the number video streaming website on which you can get the free content. On youtube you can get the content of any category i.e. vines, movies, songs, and educational content. There are many famous instructors and professors who have youtube channels and share their knowledge on youtube. For example there is a channel codewithchris, on this channel you can get the free IOS development tutorials, and so on.

2. Udemy

Udemy is also a free source of learning new skills, but there are free courses on this platform which are free. Let’s talk about the free courses, Udemy has affiliated with the reputed colleges and universities of the world, and you can get the free lectures on it for free against any topic. If you don’t find your topic then obviously you can get in the paid version. Don’t worry Udemy offers you a free trial for 7 day. If you like the system of the udemy then you may proceed to payment otherwise cancel your subscription. The website design agency Glasgow is personally giving the recommendation of Udemy to the people who are willing to learn new skills.

3. SkillsShare

SkillsShare is basically a paid platform for learning new skills, but if you request management of SkillShare they could give you access for free. They always help deserving students. On skillShare you will mostly find the skills related lectures like web development, android development, IOS development and other technical skills. But they have updated their system now you can also find educational content on this platform for free. Just need to login, get access and learn amazing skills.

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