What Are The Most Common Jet Ski Issues?

Common repair and maintenance costs that may incur in the future is an important consideration when you are buying a jet ski. When buying a jet ski, you are also making an investment. So, it is good to learn about common jet ski issues.

You can fix some minor issues on your own, however, most of the time, you have to call a jet ski mechanic for jet ski repair and services. It’s a good idea to make sure you have the following important tools available in your jet ski storage compartment:

  • Shifter or wrench
  • Sharp lengthy knife
  • Screwdriver
  • ⅜ drive socket set
  • Torch
  • Tow rope and shackle
  • Metal bending rod
  • Anchor and rope
  • Pocket jump starter
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Water and spare life jacket

Common Jet Ski Issues

Jet-Ski won’t Start

As the summer season arrives, a lot of jet skis refuse to start. This usually happens due to a weak battery. It does not have enough voltage to provide a spark to ignite the fuel. So, keep the battery fully charged to avoid that problem. Rust or loose battery cable links can also cause problems in starting and charging your PWC. Keep out the rust by wrapping the battery in plastic. Clean, check and tighten cable links.

Engine Misfires or Runs irregular

These issues occur due to fouled/faulty/worn spark plugs. If replacing spark plugs does not work, find a local mechanic offering jet ski repair and service.  Water-contaminated or older fuel can cause the engine to misfire. Siphon contaminated fuel out. Get the fuel system cleaned by a jet ski mechanic.

Hinge Busted on Front Storage Compartment

Avoid slamming the lid shut. The angle of the hinge makes it a weak place. So, this slamming can crack and break the lid or hinge. Avoid overloading the front seat. Close the lid properly and slowly. There should be no additional pressure with the lid. In case it is damaged, let a jet ski repair and service provider replace the damaged lid or hinge.

Start Key Not Recognized

Depending on the brand, some jet skis come with a smart system that recognizes the rider. The PWC does not start if the rider is not the owner. If you have got keys and the PWC is not starting, don’t push the key harder.

Sometimes that smart system does not work as one of its internal components is exposed to saltwater which can cause corrosion. As this smart system is very complicated, don’t hire any random jet ski mechanic. Find someone who is good at repairing jet skis of that particular brand.

Not Achieving Top Speed

If it is moving slower then check its intake grate. If there is nothing wrong with it, make sure that you are not using the learner key. This key restricts the RPM and the speed of the jet ski.

A worn out wear ring or impeller can also cause this problem. In this case, you need a jet ski mechanic who can replace these. Sometimes the PWC is in the limp mode because of some problem with the engine sensor. Get your PWC diagnosed to spot the real cause of the problem and fix it.

Difficulty In Removing Spark Plug

If you have not serviced your PWC in a couple of years, you might find it hard to remove the spark plug. This occurs due to rust. You can use some fluid and leave. Avoid using a spark plug with a long extension bar and socket. Sometimes when you remove the spark plug on your own, some particles fall inside. Better let a professional handle this.

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