7 Ideas for a Much-Needed Girlfriend Getaway Weekend

“Good friends are blessings that you count multiple times.” – Anonymous

Finding balance is essential in creating a good quality of life. This is why, the busier you get with your career and other life demands, the more you should be deliberate in creating “me” moments, as well as time with friends.

Alone time is considered necessary for developing a strong character and letting creativity flourish. Meanwhile, time with friends is an oasis for the soul. Studies show that spending quality time with friends has a significant impact on people’s energy and happiness levels. Likewise, the time you spend with friends can bring great stability to your life.

Time with friends is even more beneficial for women. According to research, this is because women are naturally intuitive. Their connection with their girlfriends serves as a lifeline where an exchange of words is not always necessary in conveying feelings and intentions. This intuitive connection is especially valuable in times of hardships because girlfriends just instinctively know what needs to be done and they do it.

Therefore, if it has been a while since you spent quality time with your favourite girls in the world, it’s time to reconnect through a girlfriend getaway. Listed below are seven ideas for a meaningful escape with your power circle of fem-friends.

1. Go on a road trip.

There’s nothing like a road trip to redefine your roles in the group and be reminded of how much your personalities complement each others’. A long drive to specific destinations will provide you all with ample time to catch up and discover and experience something new together.

It’s nice to create such a moment wherein you are all witnesses to each other’s special moments.

2. Stay at a beach club resort.

A weekend getaway at a luxurious beach club resort is always a good idea for women. With thriving professional careers or a growing family, quite often, there’s little time to treat themselves to leisurely experiences.

Such experiences are abundant at a beach club resort. You all can have a gourmet brunch, try the workout room together, lounge around by the pool or the beach while sipping cocktails, and so much more. Live a grand life, even for just a day.

3. Go on a full day of flea market or bazaar shopping.

If you and your gal pals have a passion for finding awesome deals on unique items, a flea market or bazaar crawl is definitely an activity to try.

It’s always a fun experience to get the opinion of all your girlfriends before buying a funky-looking gravy boat from the previous century or an abstract painting. Also, enjoy the prospect of finding a new friendship bracelet or getting a tattoo.

4. Book a spa deal.

A full day at the spa is always a delicious idea. None of your gal pals will complain about being treated like queens and getting beauty and relaxation services.

And since you all will be getting pampered together, this presents you with the opportunity to talk endlessly and unburden yourselves.

5. Stay at a small-town inn.

The lovely thing about heading to a small town and staying at a local inn or bed and breakfast is not just the cozy hospitality. It’s also an opportunity to find enjoyment and appreciation for the simple things in life.

You all can still go about your usual routine but do them in a different environment and with people who are fascinated with you. Plus, you can make a bunch of new friends with your old pals. Go biking, try the offerings of the famous local bakery, and visit homegrown businesses.

6. Sign up for an adventure.

One of the humorous adages about having girlfriends is “Girlfriends are committed to doing questionable and stupid things with you.” Take full advantage of this saying and fact of life. If you want to venture out of your comfort zone, set this activity up for your girlfriend getaway weekend.

Try parasailing for the first time, or ride a hot air balloon. Perhaps, ride the most outrageous roller coaster in your country. Death-defying activities can bring laughs and really spice up your friendship.

7. Go glamping.

Glamping is one of the hottest trends for girlfriend getaways, and it’s hardly roughing it in the great outdoors. Instead, you and your gal pals can marvel at the beauty of nature while still having access to typical conveniences such as a well-equipped kitchen, and a spa-like bathroom.

There are glampsites where you can stay, and you also have the option of renting a decked out glamper.

Heed this advice: Do not lose touch with your girlfriends. They are angels from above and as you get on with life, the more you’ll need them.

So, make getaways a regular “thing” between you and the gals. You all need it in this fast-paced and hectic life. There’s nothing like such moments of being in an environment of love, joy, and understanding to keep you going forward especially when situations are tough.

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