Impact of Digital Technologies on Marketing Strategies

It is indisputable that technology has led to significant inventions. I cannot imagine myself living in the 17th century without smartphones and other essential technological devices. The means of communication are more efficient today more than ever. It would only take a minute for one to communicate with a friend or a relative abroad. The internet has made learning more interesting. Nearly all information can be accessed online. If you want to acquire a product, you no longer have to be fooled by false advertisements and promotions, all you need is an internet connection, and the search engine will avail all the information you want. 

In fact, you can read about product reviews online before making a buying decision. The things that appeared unthinkable some decades ago are very practical today. For instance, no one would think about online banking years back. What of today? You can do more than online banking. Apart from transacting with your bank online, you can pay your bills through mobile applications. You can send a loan application electronically and get approved with ease. 

We are living in a world dominated by technology. Undeniably, technology has transformed life. With all the advancements witnessed, businesses have significantly influenced as well. For instance, nearly all companies are investing thousands of dollars on digital marketing. Since it has become much easier to pass information online, businesses must diversify marketing strategies to cope with competition and remain relevant. That is why businesses seek the services of search engine marketing in Singapore. With millions of people posting on Facebook and exchanging millions of messages through messaging applications, there have been changes in approach to marketing. Let us see how marketing strategies have been impacted by digital technologies. 

Brands have been made more human

Social media has had a surge in popularity and influence recently. For this reason, it should be the topmost priority of a business’s marketing campaign since consumers must have adequate knowledge of the companies, and they are transacting with. Strategic marketing enhances brand awareness effectively. Today, businesses are even compelled to use live stream events, and this helps customers feel they are actual aspects of the brand’s journey. By doing this, the audience will always be attentive when a new product is being launched. 

Marketing innovations 

The advancement in technology has led to more innovations. Businesses have been forced to be innovative and come up with alternative ways of engaging customers. In the case of disrupters, many entities have had to be inventive and come up with measures that allow them to favorably compete. For instance, in order to effectively cope with completion paused by Google Wallet and PayPal, it has become necessary for financial institutions to look for alternative ways of attracting and engaging customers. With innovation centers, key stakeholders in the industry like HSBC are approving digital aspects to attend to their customers. For example, an innovation center opened in the Asia Pacific by HSBC was perceived an effective in the advancement of digital and mobile financing services in the future.

Playing Catch-Up

Digital technology is very dynamic, and changes occur rapidly than expected. These changes have demanded agility on the part of the employees. Workers are expected to work collaboratively and update themselves with the developments made. This enables them to adapt faster and use the knowledge gained for the benefit of the company. Companies continue to provide education to their marketing teams when needed. Ensuring employees have relevant skills needed as well as the strategies and techniques needed makes them more proactive in understanding the upcoming changes and how the brands take advantage of such changes.

For instance, IBM has been an outstanding organization in this regard. Know how dynamic the industry is, they developed a digital selling pilot system which converted their conventional sales group into digital marketers. This strategy proved to be effective to the extent that it has been scaled up to modify the selling potential of their staff, attract more revenue, and boost its mindshare through all the online networks. 

In general, to be successful digitally, all businesses, irrespective of the industry, must be aware of the rate at which the digital technology changes. Afterward, they should invest appropriately not only in learning but also in the development initiatives which will ensure their employees are acquainted with the changes in digital marketing and selling strategies. 

More influencers 

Social media platforms and video outlets such as YouTube have made some individuals very influential. Businesses do not have to incur costs in employing celebs to recommend their brands attracted millions of interested people. Today, an ordinary person can be hired for this purpose even without credentials provided he or she has the ability to influence followers on social media. Besides, micro-influences, individuals with not more than 100,000 followers may be having more influence as well as a greater engagement rate compared to established celebrities. 

With this knowledge, businesses opt to hire influencers in an attempt to persuade and engage more customers. For instance, Coca-Cola has stopped relying on influencer brand placements to using influencers as hosts on their YouTube channel. As a result, there has been more interaction between the brand and customers compared to a standard placement. One of the executives in Germany is of the opinion that you individuals are tired of advertising. 

Enhances intimacy

Businesses are in positions to learn a lot about prospective clients from the information they obtain. Shrewd organizations use such data to design very personal marketing texts that appeal more to the new generation. The Millennials cherish more the perceptions of others, and this makes personalization a very effective tool. For example, one study established that 85% of individuals are likely to acquire a brand if it is customized and supported socially. 

To sum up the discussion, it is evident that digital technologies have had a lot of impact on marketing strategies. This blog has demonstrated different aspects that prove this assertion. It is imperative for entities to keep pace with the developments in the digital markets and make relevant adjustments to compete profitably. Thank you!

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