How Much Does it Cost to Get a Car Painted?

When it comes time to repaint your car, it’s frustrating to find a reliable cost estimate. Once you discover the cost, you may feel hesitant to invest so much in a coat of paint. Whether you’re looking for a basic, single layer of enamel or need to invest in a high-quality sanding, body work and painting project, find a reliable paint estimate, factors to consider when shopping for paint and some helpful tips on how to protect your shiny, new paint job. From outdoor custom covers to car bras and safe driving, follow these steps to keep your vehicle looking brand new.

Factors to Consider

Few car owners realize the number of steps necessary to prepare a vehicle for a quality coat of paint. Preparation work is one of the biggest factors in terms of cost. Here are some steps that can be taken to ensure a smooth, consistent and long-lasting paint job:

  • Sanding
  • Dent and ding repair
  • Rust repair and other body work
  • Masking trim details and windows

Even when you choose to invest in all of these preparation steps, a single coat of inexpensive paint is likely to fade and scratch easily. Another major cost factor is the value of the paint itself. Look for quotes that include quality paint, and ask about the number of layers used to paint your vehicle. If you’re planning on using an outdoor custom car cover, you can help improve the lifespan of your paint and decrease the chance of fading and scratching.

Paint Estimates

For an accurate estimate in your area, contact a local automotive repair shop or specialized auto paint shop. As a general estimate, you can expect to pay between $300 and $7,500 on a paint job. This estimate is too broad to be helpful for many auto owners, so here are a few breakdowns to help you make sense of the wide range of costs.

On the low end, the most affordable paint jobs use a single coat and do minimal prep work. Expect to have all the same dings and dents that were there before your paint job. Low-cost painting doesn’t typically involve removing many trim pieces, but instead will only include taping as masking. This could leave slightly uneven lines and small spots of paint on trim pieces. Expect to pay $900 or less for this type of paint job.

Luxury paint jobs spare no expense. You’ll enjoy thorough body work and restoration, careful removal off all your trim pieces and accessories and multiple coats of the highest quality paint for a stunning new look. Whether you’re matching a classic car color or going for a unique option, you’ll get the exact color match you need. However, professional performance comes at a price. Plan on $2,400 to $7,500 for high-end painting.

Tips on Protecting Your New Paint Job

Whether you choose the highest quality paint or go for a more affordable alternative, invest in accessories that help you protect your car’s new paint job. Search for front end covers car bras and custom car covers to keep your vehicle safe and enjoy a long-lasting paint job that turns heads and stands out in a crowd.

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