Why are people leaving Tumblr?

Tumblr, home to lots of artists and writers, is a popular platform to share content. Usually NSFW (not safe for work), some contents may not be feasible to view by the children. We have listed reasons below for the movement of delete tumblr in web.

Currently Tumblr is not providing safe surfing on their platform, and when the child porn was found on Tumblr the staffs did not take any actions against it. The staffs are flagging and losing interest while people who use Tumblr are angry for those actions and leaving Tumblr. Tumblr being a reputed social platform however there are some contents they haven’t removed which are creating debates and anguish among the people using Tumblr. Contents like Neo-Nazis hate blogs, people supporting Rickcest and porn bots should be removed from social platform which Tumblr isn’t removing which also one of the major problems for people is leaving Tumblr. One of the major reason is porn bots which are leading the site full of viruses instead Tumblr targeting harmless people.

Though Tumblr announced to remove the content promoting nudity, they haven’t taken any actions at all which makes user angrier, and they are leaving Tumblr. As over the years Tumblr has lost functionality, and there is hardly anything that works as well as no one in Tumblr has the intention of fixing it.

One of the other reason is the sites such as WordPress, Wix and other CMS which are the website builders have made developing a personal website extremely easy, and anyone can develop their website and promote it. User hating the NSFW contents or considered as the sensitive contents with the sexually explicit GIFs, photos or art are not removed which turns user to other sites than Tumblr. The password setting of the Tumblr is also difficult or illogical that the user finds to be irritating and not refer using Tumblr. 

When apple banded Tumblr’s app after child pornography was found, then majority of the user started using other social media apps, and that was the downfall of Tumblr. In December 17th Tumblr’s ban on adult content went on effect, and all the pictures and blogs related to the adult content will be removed from the Tumblr platform which has become a piece of drastic news for the change in Tumblr platform while porn has been tactically allowed in Tumblr since the starting in 2007. Tumblr has not been successful in keeping the privacy of the user, and the news for ban adult content does not relate to the actual problem but degrading the quantity of user in the platform.

As when the child porn was found on the Tumblr, the immediate action of the platform was not successful while porn bots on the platform increase day by day which is reducing the performance of the platform. The reduced functionality of the platform is also a major reason for people leaving Tumblr.

Most of the Tumblr users are moving towards twitter, as people feel that their contents or blogs will be appreciated and less scrutinized. Similarly the Neo-Nazi and the white nationalist content are still in the Tumblr platform which is one of the harmful content to broadcast and if Tumblr can crack down hard on adult content so they should also be able to remove the racist, sexist and harmful content from the platform.

As the lifeblood of Tumblr is the NSFW content and if they are removed from the platform then there will not be anything to view in Tumblr which makes it less interactive and will lose user significantly and days pass. According to the marginalized and vulnerable people the change in policy directly affects them on their perspective, but the Reblog and flagged post featuring offensive content are not removed, so people are using other platforms for expressing themselves.

Tumblr has always been a site for adult but eventually turning to site for porn which still is allowing offensive content in the feed, so user feeling deleted from the platform is also one of the reasons for the downfall of the platform.  

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