What is Profibus communication basics?

Profibus is a protocol made for field bus communication when it comes to automation technology. This Profibus correlates the automation systems and controllers together with the decentralized field devices (like encoders, actuators and sensors.) Furthermore, Profibus networks transfer data with the use of a single bus cable. There are a lot of Profibus offering companies today, like the EQUUSTEK SOLUTIONS INC.

The Two Kinds of Profibus Network

For automation, there are two (2) versions of Profibus. These are the Profibus DP and Profibus PA. For a fact, both the PA and DP bear the same protocols and these can be correlated with the use of a coupler device.

First, the Profibus Decentralized Peripherals (DP) is basically utilized during data exchange with the field devices such as the sensors and actuators. This is made possible using a programmable logic controller when in production automation field applications.

Second, Profibus Process Automation (PA) is utilized to define the measuring instruments under a process control system during process automation applications.

Furthermore, there is an early version of Profibus, which is the Profibus Fieldbus Message Specification (FMS.) This was focused on the interface between Programmable Controllers and PLCs, which allows a transfer of complex data information among them.

Reference Standards

Additionally, the Profibus communication is defined in the IEC 61784 and IEC 61158. Such measures define the details of how each device can converse and define data exchange safety. The reference standards are IEC 61784-5 (Installation), IEC 61158 (Digital data communications for measurement and control – Communication Layers), IEC 61784-2 (Realtime Ethernet RTE), IEC 61784-3 (Safety Communication), IEC 61784-1 (Communication Profiles) and IEC 61784-4 (Security.)

The Role of Profibus Protocol in Industries

A lot of products like such as the instruments manufacturers, drives and PLC are open for the Profibus. The importance of such is that in every application, a solution, the similar inventory, and knowledge portion can be utilized. Profibus can act on a 12 Mbps, which is the quickest field bus in the automation world. For a fact, the network acts on a master-slave scheme, wherein a master transfer the token with its slaves and then going to the next station in a closed system.


Profiles are pre-described configurations of the actions available from Profibus for the varied devices and applications. Wherein, the last user can exchange the same product coming from varied vendors due to a profile interoperability. Profiles are open to various digital instruments, encoders, Drives, CNC machines, PLC, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), linear transducers, etc.

Profibus Troubleshooting

For a fact a configuration and programming software package is asked for during a set up of the Profibus network.

Diagnostic trouble rectification covers function related responses, built-in diagnostics mechanisms to define the troubles on SCADA or PLC and a Profibus acting on the break-through cable. The prolonged monitoring of Profibus communication can define a number of the critical problems prior to experiencing a major production loss. Moreover, the diagnostics from varied devices are action started and defines a recordable alarm report.

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