Golden Rules for Wearing Gymwear Outside of the Gym

Who has ever said “Oh, no thank you, I don’t want to be comfortable in the clothes I’m wearing”? Nobody. And there’s literally nothing more comfortable than gym clothes. They have to be. Think about it: the pieces are made to move with your body, they allow your skin to breathe, to whip away moisture and to allow you to get into any position needed. So it’s no wonder that sportswear being worn everyday outside of the gym is one of the fastest growing trends. However, there are some ground rules and some things that you should just not do if you are planning on wearing your gym clothes out of the gym, and here are the examples.

Sports bras are great, but not on their own

When you’re working out, you can get sweaty and way too hot, so it’s normal that you want to be in nothing but your sports bra while at the gym. With this in mind, you’re probably choosing some amazing looking sports bras that you aren’t afraid to show off. But a sports bra, no matter how cute or intricate, is not a top and should not be worn as a top. If it has some pretty straps in a lattice pattern, feel free to wear a lower back shirt to show it off, or if you have a wild print on it, pair it up with a shirt that is cut very low on the sides, but do not wear the bra on its own.


You’ve heard a lot of times that leggings are not pants. This is very much true, but doesn’t at all mean that you can’t or that you shouldn’t wear them outside of the gym. Sure, they’re not pants, and you shouldn’t wear them as such, with tops that only reach your hips or with anything tucked in – but they are the most amazing things to wear with tunics, dresses and casual oversized shirts. If you’re going out for brunch with your friends after hitting the gym, stay in those amazing gym leggings, throw on a loose, light tunic, put a belt on it to give your body some definition and you are ready to go. Leggings are also the best option for outdoor activities such as sports, hikes and fieldtrips – basically any time you want to feel comfortable and quick on your feet.

Pay attention to the condition of your clothing

It’s normal for workout clothing to get worn out. Whether the material stretches out or you literally run through your shoes, things will start to show battle scars and signs of wear. This is perfectly acceptable – when you’re inside of the gym. But if you want to wear your gym clothes outside of the gym as regular wear, you need it to be in pristine condition. No stains, rips, loose bands or anything else that will make the piece appear like it’s meant for sleeping in or sweating in.

Don’t wear it plain

If you just put on your gymwear pieces: you’ll look like you’re going to the gym. You need to add something else to it to make it work and make it athleasure, rather than just athletic. Add on a cardigan or jacket that will pull the look together and accessorize with things other than a big sports bag. You can stay casual and street-style without looking like you’re going to exercise, so try on different looks and see what works for you as a balance of comfort and style.

Gym clothing can be expensive, and you definitely want to get the most of it – which means wearing it outside of the gym too, but just make sure that you aren’t leaving the impression of someone who forgot to bring a change of clothes to the gym!

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