Is Baby Cloth Diapers Safe for Your Kids?

There are so many forms of baby diapers available in the present market. Out of those several types of diapers, the cloth diaper is the best one to use because it is much safe and hygienic for the babies. The reasons behind this fact is explained completely in this article, let us check out.

  • The disposable diapers consist of trace amount of dioxin which is extremely toxic material. This is produced as a byproduct of the paper during the bleaching process. Basically the dioxin is a carcinogenic chemical which is short listed as the most toxic cancer causing chemical in the world. It is banned in most of the countries but in the under developing countries it is still in usage because of the lack of proper knowledge. This chemical problem will not be there in case of baby cloth diapers and thus it is said to be the safest of all diapers.
  • The disposable diapers also contain one more harmful chemical named tributyl tin (TBT) which mainly causes hormonal disorders in the humans as well as animals. This also will be prevented when you are using cloth diapers for your sweet babies.
  • Till 1980’s it was not discovered that the disposable diapers contain sodium polyacrylate which is nothing but a super absorbent polymer (SAP). When the diaper gets wet then this sodium polyacrylate turns into a gel like substance and hold the water from dripping outside. After 1980’s discovery of sodium polyacrylate in the disposable diapers it was completely revealed to the entire world that using diapers with sodium polyacrylate will increase the risk of obtaining toxic shock syndrome. This happens because of the increased absorbency capacity of sodium polyacrylate which pays easy way for the toxin producing bacteria to get multiply in the perineal and pelvic region which leads to infectious rashes and finally toxic shock syndrome. These problems were not observed with the cloth diapered babies.
  • In an American research it was found out that the scrotal temperature got increased in the male babies who were wearing disposable diapers. Because of this the sperm generation as well as production got disturbed heavily which finally results in impotency when those babies became an adult. The risk of getting impotency is totally nil in case of cloth diaper using babies and their spermatogenesis is under normal healthy physiological process only.

Thus using the cloth diaper supplies so many good benefits when comparing to all other disposable diapers. The kids health is the major thing in any family because if the kid’s health is not perfect then it will surely affect the entire family psychologically and puts down heavily. At the same time the small kids are not psychologically fit enough to explain everything whatever is happening within their body. Hence taking care of the kids in all corners is the ultimate duty of the parents. So always try to use the cloth diapers for your god gifted child so that the god’s gift will be there with you forever.               

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