Take Care of Your Tech Properly – Avoid Those Common Mistakes

Tech Mistakes

Like any other property or possession you have, your computers and other gadgets require a decent amount of maintenance, if you want them to serve you properly over many years. While we may be tempted to replace our tech often because there are newer, better and fancier models out there, we should not neglect the equipment we have and use right now.

Unfortunately, many owners are not familiar with the basics of computer maintenance, which leads to many problems. Computers are slow to boot, full of viruses and simply don’t serve the purpose anymore. As always, it’s best to prevent such things from happening than have to deal with them later. So, we’ve prepared a list of the most common mistakes that should help you keep your computer up and running for much longer than anticipated.

Resist the temptation to click on every advertisement

Do you really think you’re going to get a brand new iPad or even a car if you click on an ad? Just like such things are not given away on the streets of your town, you can’t expect someone to do it online. Yes, such offers are tempting and seem too good to be true, but that’s only because they are fake. Such links usually lead to websites that can install software on your computer without you even realising it. Such pieces of software slow down your computer, but they can also cause much greater damage, if they contain viruses or malware. So, avoid dodgy sites and links and make sure that if you click on an ad, it is provided by a reputable company on a reputable site. And no, you won’t lose 20 pounds in a month without exercising or cutting down on your food intake.

Don’t go too far

One of the things not many people are aware of is that there are places on the Internet where websites run programs without you being aware of it. Such sites will ask you to download all kinds of malevolent software, which can seriously harm your computer. So, stay away from such sites. If you’re not sure whether a particular site is safe, just google it and add words such as “security”, “problems” or “reviews” and see what you get as a result. Most search engines already warn you about some suspicious sites and you should always listen to such warnings and stay away from those sites.

Don’t open e-mails from unknown senders

Another way your computer can be affected and infected is by opening e-mails from people you don’t know and clicking on the links in them or downloading the attachment that came with them. Most spam messages are just that – an irritating attempt at selling a bogus product or services, but some can really pose a threat to your computer. If you’ve already made that mistake and notice that your iPad, MacBook or other gadget is behaving oddly and you’re living in or around Melbourne, the best thing to do is contact experts in Apple repairs in the Melbourne area, who will deal with the problem efficiently.

Weak passwords

Every now and then, we read about thousands of passwords that have leaked from somewhere and yours might be one of them. One of the tips is to use a different one for every major account you have and make all your passwords difficult to crack. The longer the password, the better protection you’ll get. Also, use a combination of capital and small letters and insert some numbers, just to make your password stronger and more difficult to crack. By all means, avoid “1234” or your date of birth as your passwords.

Reluctance to use antivirus

Many people complain that antivirus software slows their computers down and they don’t want to deal with regular updates or licence renewal. Still, you should treat your antivirus software as an insurance policy, which has to be renewed at regular intervals to make sure you’re covered in case of a problem. For the money you pay (and there are some free antivirus programmes, as well), you can be sure that your computer is well-protected, but only if you update the software regularly. Scan your computer on a regular basis and make sure you deal with any problems that may arise.

Prevention is by far the best cure, but in case you haven’t done it properly and your computer starts underperforming, you can and should turn to professionals, who will know how to deal with the problem.




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