What a Novice Needs to Know about Streaming Live TV on Firestick

Live Stream

Amazon’s Firestick is one of the most favourite streaming devices of the current times. It takes home entertainment to the next level as with the use of a Firestick; you can now gain access to content from across the globe. Firestick cuts off any cables and makes it a whole lot easier for the users to access the content.

You can access many streaming services like Netflix or Hulu etc. through Firestick, but this on-demand content is not enough for the users. So, is it possible to use your Firestick to stream live TV too? Many subscribers are raising this question, and yet it is possible. Here are some smart ways to get live tv on firestick.

However, doing this requires private internet access, for which it is always advisable to use a private VPN service. VPN can help protect your internet access by making you secured and anonymous. Ensure that you are protected from any IP leaks and also can enjoy private internet access through the VPN service you use.

How does Netflix detect VPN?

While a Netflix user uses a VPN and connects to the Netflix website, they can browse through the content using a different VPN location. Say for example, if you connect through a VPN server in the UK and access netflix.com, you can see the UK version of it from another part of the world. However, most of the users may get a message like “something went wrong” or “stream error.” You may also get a warning like Netflix detected you are using a proxy or unblocker. If you get this message, it means Netflix detects VPN use or proxy use and block you.

Netflix tends to use a sophisticated detection method to identify VPN users accessing Netflix. The actual Netflix servers which host specific content uses very stricter methods for detection to identify the presence of a VPN. This prevents the users from accessing the content, but there are a few smarter VPNs which can be used to circumvent this blockage and view content.

Getting live TV on Firestick

In fact, getting live TV onto Firestick is not that difficult for tech-savvy users. For this, you have to download a live TV Player application from the Amazon store. If you have a Firestick which is already registered with your Amazon account, you can install the apps directly from the store to your Firestick device from the portal.

If there is no login, then you have to:

  • First, switch the Firestick on
  • Next, navigate to the search option on top of the left-hand side menu.
  • Just look for TV player.
  • Click on the link for it and install the TV player.
  • The TV player app will be displayed on the next screen, click on it.
  • You can then download the APK from the next screen.
  • Download it and run, and once it is finished, you will see the open button.

Open it at the next screen, and you will be wondered to see how effectively live TV is playing on your Amazon Firestick knee pads.

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