Are There Any Positive Effects of Educational Videos for Kids?

Videos for children are not confined to games. There are several educational videos for kids that can actually make them smarter. Watching educational videos can actually teach your child faster than in classroom sessions. For instance, if you face challenges every morning of teaching your kids how to brush teeth properly, playing an educational video on oral hygiene for kids can be much simpler. Kids love watching cartoons on TV. Educational videos for kids are made with colorful animation and illustrations that make learning a fun process for them.

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Videos and its positive effects on kids

There have been studies in the field of educational videos for kids, and it has been observed that kids that are exposed to videos for at least 2 hours each day are able to improve their memory, fine motor skills, and strategic planning. Most educational videos for kids encourage them to participate in the learning process. For example, a video that teaches kids about numbers and counting will encourage children to use their fingers and count with the characters on screen. This helps children improve their cognitive abilities and brain power.

Videos improve the attention span

Educational videos improve the attention span of the child. In classroom sessions where the child is learning with other kids, it is hard for teachers to hold their attention span as kids generally get easily distracted. If one kid is distracted, other curious children follow suit. However, when kids video is played, children are focused on the screen as the engaging videos hold their attention. Learning is fun as for the kid watching a video on screen is similar to watching a cartoon except in the former; he/she is learning a new subject.

Educational videos also come in the form of games for kids. This can really help children who have dyslexia. There have been studies in the above field, and it has been observed that if kids who have dyslexia are exposed to more educational videos, they land up reading faster and accurately. This is encouraging news for parents of dyslexic kids in school. Videos also improve the eyesight of the child as they observe details during the lessons that are taught to them on screen.

Now are videos games good for the child?

Parents are often concerned about video games for their children and not sure about whether they should be played or not. Experts in the field say that video games can actually make your kid smarter provided they play the right game. There are several educational video games in the market, and you can introduce your child to play them. For small children, you can be a part of their video game sessions especially when it comes to learning colors, the names of animals and more.

Therefore, if you want your kid to be smarter and intelligent, introduce him or her to the world of educational videos. They are fun and interactive in nature. They hold a host of educational benefits that make growing up and learning a fun process.

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