Why Paraphrasing and Summarizing Services are So Important Nowadays?

While presenting your original ideas is essential in any content; sometimes you may need to integrate it with the views of another.  In written material, that includes paraphrasing and summarizing. The two are often confused for the other due to the slight difference in their meanings.

However, both have different purposes. Paraphrasing and summarizing both involve integrating the ideas/ arguments in your work, but using your own words. They are one of the typical writing techniques that help you add credibility to your thoughts or support them without plagiarizing.

What is Summarizing?

As stated earlier, a summary is different from a paraphrasing service. In that, when summarizing you get to pick and use the main ideas of the source material. It is typically, shorter than the original work.

From the above description, a summary then becomes a condensed version of a particular text.

Meaning of Paraphrasing

Help paraphrasing involves re-writing the words of another without changing the message of the source material. In that, you rephrase the ideas of the original text into your own words.

In both cases, you don’t add your opinion or use the same words as the author of the text.

Importance of Paraphrasing and Summarizing

  • To briefly convey an idea

In both techniques, one needs to use their own words to communicate the same meaning as the original text. Typically, a summary only highlights the main ideas of the source. More so, it’s often shorter than the original.

On the other hand, paraphrasing employs the same techniques but may include other concepts other than the primary ones in the text. It is also just about the same length as the original text.

  • To demonstrate your understanding

The main idea in paraphrasing and summarizing is to use your own words to convey meaning. To do this effectively, you have to read and understand the source material, first. When you use simpler wordings, you make it easier for the reader to understand the original text.

  • To add credibility to your ideas

It applies, only if you reference the works of a credible source. You then use their argument to provide support or introduce your own opinions. In summarizing, you need to ensure that you only include the main points of the text.

Leave out any irrelevant information. As for paraphrasing, merely restate what the author says but in your own words.

  • Emphasize the meaning of the source material

You should ensure that you don’t change the meaning of the text when paraphrasing or summarizing. Yes, you use your own words to communicate the message of the source material, but the sense has to be the same in both pieces.

Doing this implies that the meaning of the text is more important than the wording used.

  • Maintain continuity of style

We all write using different styles. The two techniques enable you to include the ideas of another without disrupting the flow and style of the material. Since you convey their arguments using your own words.

Paraphrasing and Summarizing in avoiding Plagiarism

When done correctly, the two techniques will enable you to eliminate plagiarism when using copyright content. You have to cite your sources, in both. Also use different words from what the author uses, to convey meaning.

That is, use your own words. It demonstrates your understanding of the material while adding credibility to your arguments. Remember,Bilverksted ski  you should maintain the same meaning as the original text, even if you want to introduce a contrary opinion to those of the author.



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