There are plenty of people out there who are looking to make a change in the world and who want to get in touch with other people who feel similarly so as to have the strength in numbers to make a real difference. For these changes to come about, support is always going to be required. This support needs to be contacted and organised. As with many other activities in modern society, the Internet can serve as a tool for bringing this to pass. Considering the amount of people that are active online and the ability to communicate with people separated by large distances, the Internet really is the tool to be considering when you are looking to bring a larger number of people together. With this larger number, you can also expect to have a greater influence on a wider area as, thanks to the Internet, they are coming together from all the corners of the world. This is one of the great benefits that the Internet has provided us with and one which must be harnessed at all costs in order to mobilise people to bring our ideas to fruition.

How can social networks be used for this purpose

While there are plenty of places across the Internet where people can come together to work on these ideas, these places are visited by people who are interested in the ideas that are being discussed and proposed. While these people will be useful with any action you are trying to organise, there is a need to look for more support and get more people involved. Another way to look for these people is to make the most of social networks. Social networks can be a great resource as they offer their users a large database of people to contact with.These people come from all age groups, have many different interests and are from all over the world. The benefit of using social networks is that it is possible to engage with practically all the users, even if you don’t know them. Twitter and Facebook have been used to various degrees of success for these causes but there is another social network that is worth getting a mention.

How Instagram is leading the way for social networks

Simply put, Instagram is the place to be to get people’s attention in 2019. With more than a billion active users, it is packed with fresh content on a daily basis and used as a place where people can exchange their ideas for all the world to see. Compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram uses a stripped-down model of social media. There is less information coming at you from all sides and it is easier to upload content. Similarly, the focus of Instagram is on visual content. By using photos and videos instead of text-based posts, your message can have a much stronger and quicker impact while also overcoming language barriers and, therefore, being able to reach a wider audience. Another advantage of Instagram is the age profile of its users, a key consideration if you are looking to tap into today’s youth in order to establish lasting support for your cause. It is estimated that 71% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. This works out as a little over seven hundred million users. We all know that it is important to get young people involved in causes and Instagram offers you the platform to get your message across to those young people.

How to get support for your cause

The quickest and most common way to get attention for your profile is the use of hashtags. It is recommended that you use eleven per post and, within these eleven, there is plenty you can address. You should use a mix of general and specific hashtags. People searching for the topics mentioned in your hashtags are more likely to find their way to your profile. If you have a personalised hashtag, it is also a good idea to promote this as much as possible as it will be a way to draw particular attention to your idea.  Another useful tool is using the location setting as this will help your profile and content become more visible to other Instagram users in your local area.

How to get more attention from even more people

If you are looking to reach a wider audience then you may want to buy IG followers. Doing so will help you better organise the interaction your profile requires in order to gain more exposure on the Instagram stage. Having Instagram followers that you have paid for means that you will be able to introduce them to your account over time and have them engage with your profile. However they do so, whether it be by viewing your content, posting comments to your posts or liking them, the mere fact that your followers are interacting with your account is enough for Instagram to take notice. The more interaction you get from your followers, as well as Instagram users in general, means that you will have a bigger presence on the social network. Your profile will rank higher in search results and you will also be recommended to more people. The more exposure and recognition you are able to get, the more your account’s popularity will continue to grow. This, in turn, will help you get the attention you need for your Instagram profile and the cause you are promoting.

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