5 Things Every Woman Should Know About Estrogen


Estrogen hormones hold a place of vital importance in a woman’s life and her health. They can be considered as a group of hormones that triggers the growth and development of an individual. It is also responsible for the reproductive cycle and plays a significant role in the development of sexual characteristics of a female. In real terms neither too much of estrogen nor lower levels of estrogen are good. Thus, it is essential for a woman to know the real story behind these growth hormones. Keep reading further to find out how the estrogen levels can affect you in the process of your development as an adolescent.

Estrogen in Connection with Weight Loss

It is said that excess estrogen is the reason behind gaining excess weight, but at the same time, in some cases, it causes weight loss too. When estrogens accommodate a cell, the body fats do not find a place to reside in the cells. On the other hand, lipase and other enzymes also become active in the presence of this hormone. It helps in regulating fats and also revives the production of growth hormones which is the reason behind weight loss.
It is said that one can benefit from the consumption of estrogen supplements during the commencement of the menopause phase. During this phase, the levels drop, and thus a woman’s body requires various adjustments to stick to the lower level of estrogen. Many times, even young women face menopause problems; therefore they are more in need of such hormone replacement. Such women can consult a doctor before they order for any estrogen supplements that are available in stock and ready to ship format in various online stores.
Mood Swings

In a woman’s life, the concentration of progesterone and estrogen fluctuates causing a fluctuation in the mood as well. Estrogen hormone is responsible for creating excitement, makes one feel energetic and instils enthusiasm in a woman and takes over during the early phase. These hormones make a woman feel on cloud nine and makes them self-confident. During this period, the hormones that make you feel good is active and works with a full swing. The hormones progesterone takes over during the ovulation phase and then comes the feel-sad mood. It makes a woman feel sad and depressed and deteriorates their energy. In this phase they do not feel motivated, can easily get angry and frustrated and may turn into eating machines consuming more and more food. Thus the levels of progesterone and estrogen can cause mood swings affecting the wellbeing of a woman causing ups and downs in one’s life.

Estrogen and Pregnancy

Estrogen not only causes mood swings and weight loss but is also responsible for the prevention of ovulation. Hormones are generated from the pituitary glands and from its follicles a new egg is released every month. The follicles further develop and release estrogen which thickens the uterus lining. In the absence of fertilization of the egg, the level of estrogen drops and further the uterus lining breaks with the commencement of menstruation cycle every month. If the egg is fertilized the estrogen and progesterone hormones together prevent an excess of ovulation. People also use estrogen rich contraceptives to get rid of menstrual cramps and for regulation proper menstrual cycle.

High and Low Estrogen Level Facts

When the estrogen level of a woman is too high, then there are chances that the woman can face issues in her pregnancy. Too much of estrogen also results in weight gain, heavy menstrual flow, worsened PMS, fibro cysts and a lot many other associated illnesses. A high estrogen level can also be the reason for depression and anxiety. On the other hand, a low estrogen level can result in sleepless nights, vaginal dryness, irregular menstrual cycle, hot flushes and can also make a woman lose interest in sex life. Low estrogen levels are usually found in women who have removed their ovaries or have reached the stage of menopause. Thus it is necessary for women to know the effects of low and high estrogen levels.

Estrogen and Bones Relationship

Many of you might be wondering as to how estrogen can be related to bones, right? But yes, estrogen can help prevent the loss of bones. The ovaries produce estrogen, and these hormones in association with vitamin D stands helpful in building bone strength.

The weakening of bones results in Osteoporosis and can hinder your day to day routine activities. In such a case the bones become brittle and are prone to break easily. Estrogen helps in the bone build up through the method of resorption and deposition, but after reaching an age when estrogen level goes down, the formation of new bones slows down at the same rate. Thus once a woman reaches menopause stage the rebuilding of bones is comparatively less than the breaking down of bones which becomes a challenging task to handle.
Thus it is necessary for every woman to be aware of these estrogen facts to take the right precautions and to visit a doctor for minimizing the associated risks.
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