Why isn’t Webassign Working?

There will be times that you will experience some difficulties with your Statistics webassign account. Some problems you will be able to handle yourself and others will require the support services from the customer care help centre of webassign. There should be no cause for alarm as it is a platform that runs on a program and anything that involves technology sometimes crashes or experiences a bug that can be fixed. For instance if;

  1. You are unable to sign in

If you have not used your account in a long period of time, you may have missed some few updates or linking it to a cengage account. No need to panic; simply link your webassign account to a new or existing cengage account to gain access again. In linking the two accounts, also ensure that you are using the same account you used to purchase your webassign account otherwise you will still have no access.

  1. Mismatch of names/institution

If you are sharing computers and someone forgot to completely sign out of their webassign account, you may have difficulties signing into your own account. This does not mean that webassign is not working. You should be able to see your name and institution you listed while registering once you sign you’re your webassign account. If it shows another name, then your account will probably not sign in. Simply proceed to sign the person out completely before you try signing in or use a different computer.

  1. Non-responsive

Sometimes, the website may be experiencing a down time and you may not be aware. This might lead to the assumption that it is not working. You can always check the status of your  by visiting teckcheck.cengage.com.

  1. Wrong lass key

Every student has their own unique class key that they use to sign in to their respective classes. Human is to error and it is likely that your course instructor gave you the wrong class key for webassign. This does not mean that webassign is not working. This is a small issue that your course instructor will be able to fix almost immediately. Your course instructor can simply transfer you to the correct class, add you to the correct course or issue you with a new class key. The instructor for the incorrect class can also drop you from the course if you are not supposed to be there.

  1. Error message

While attempting to do your assignments, sometimes you will find an error page displaying instead of the question. Once you see this error message, it could mean a number of things. Either the question has timed out and you need to refresh the page again or the question is no longer supported hence you need to remove it or replace it.

  1. Browser is not supported

Webassign users need to check their page as they are always updating their list of supported browsers on their platform. Whether it is windows or ios, you will find a browser that supports . If you are unable to login or use webassign, check to see whether you have a supported browser with the plugins required. If a browser is listed and it is still not working, try uninstalling and installing the browser again then try to log in.

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