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Fashion can come out in various ways every year, either with a different style of dresses, or blazers or hats or even with shoes. But with all these of style, one refined shoe has quietly become the greatest style among the mix – is a loafer. Loafer online shopping has already gained its position among the men’s fashion world. However, the shoe made its first appearance in the 1930s in the city of Norway but the popularity of Loafer increased when the fashion comes from Norway to America and people started to wear them with the city lounge suits.

Loafers can be masculine and feminine, youthful yet sophisticated and can fall under a huge range of styles. Penny loafer which comes from French accessories designer Pierre Hardy comes in bright hues and fit in materials like ponyskin and suede. According to Mr. Hardy, loafer is genuine and iconic like any other ballet shoe or stiletto. Loafer also has the spirit of youth and like sneakers, it goes perfect with skinny pants. Again a lady can also give a twist with the loafer and become very feminine with gowns.

Rosso Brunello offers various loafers with different colours and designs and metal decorations or tassels on them. The loafers are termed as slip-on shoes as they can be slipped on the feet easily and comfortably. They can available with or without laces and they are made in such a style so that you don’t have to bother of wearing these shoes. There are several different types of loafers that you can wear in different occasion and in a different season as well such as Penny Loafers, Tassel Loafers, and Slip-on Loafers, Snaffle Loafers and many more. The versatility of loafers is undisputed. However, the right combination and pairings can make a huge difference in your overall look.

Difference between Loafers and Moccasins:

There is a huge confusion between moccasins and loafers as both are almost similar in look. But there are some basic differences through which you can apart loafers from moccasins. Loafers are one of the famous shoes without any lace, whereas moccasins sometimes have laces and mostly made from deerskin or soft leather. Another difference is that loafer was made its first appearance in the year 1930 in Norway and was first used for casual purposes by aristocrats. Whereas on the other hand, Moccasins were developed by Native Americans like traders and hunters and also had a famous feel of aesthetics attached to it.

Can Loafer wear in winter?

People usually don’t think about loafers in winter but they should not go slept on for the whole season unless you live in places like Russia or Canada where snowfall is very common but in other countries like California, Asian countries or the warmer climates where temperature does not fall so much, loafer can be easily used on those places. It can feel warm on one of those chilly yet sunny days which are really incredible to wear loafers. Grain leather is basically a heavier material which is more commonly used in harsh weather. However, there is a misconception on the heaviness of it as it is equal to calfskin. So, there is now a chance of wearing winter loafer as well because Rosso Brunello is offering loafer online shopping with different options of Winter Loafer in various colours and materials. Even you can wear loafers with socks as well. Loafers with socks give a traditional look during winter. Investing in good quality material like woolen socks will able to hold you in good stead. So, replace your flashy patterned socks to a monochrome colour and try to wear your trousers or jeans by coordinating with socks and loafers for a proper uniform appearance.

Loafers among Celebrities:

Loafers were getting so popular that it eventually graduated to the feet of a popular movie stars like Audrey Hepburn who wore black leather Ferragamos as an anti-fashion beatnik bookstore clerk in the film “Funny Face” in the year 1957.  Even Pop Icons Michael Jackson wore Weejuns with sparkling slouchy socks while he was doing the moonwalk. But loafers never lost its youthful charm from the very past days.

A change in trend has occurred today that had been noticed among the people as they are now going more on casual looking shoes more than they are going for trendy or stylish loafers. However, it is important to consider comfort and style as well before going to do loafer online shopping. Because of their elegance and simplicity, loafers are the most comfortable shoes which look good on all people’s feet.

Loafers are available at Rosso Brunello with different styles which are good for all types of festivals. It can be as good as wearing it in formal wear in the office and again wearing them for a walk.

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