Is Samsung Introducing Folding Mobile Soon

Samsung Folding Mobile

Samaj Singh, South Korean technology company, says it is now time to offer a ‘folding’ smartphone, which is then speculated that the company introduced a third layer or dual-device device. Is.

In a interview with the CNBC, Samsung’s mobile phone director, DJ Koh, said that Samsung’s consumer research showed that the phone is demanding.

There are such rumors that many phone-making companies are making screens that can turn half and do not have any mark on them.

DJ Koh told the CNBC that the process of preparing fronts was ‘complex’ but the company has made it ‘almost complete’.

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However, he said that before the introduction of such a phone, the company will need a clear purpose to present it.

He said that what kind of benefit could it be compared to a table without tapping?

‘If the experiment without using it is like a tablet use, then why will people buy it?’

He said that every device, every feature, should create a meaningful message for our new creation of every new user. ‘

Samsung has almost completed its foldable phone

It is believed that Samsung is facing a tough competition with China’s technology company. Recently, Huawei has become the second largest company for smartphone, leaving behind.

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