India How Many Rocket Sending in Satellite – 46 or ?

According to the Indian news agency, talking to the media in New Delhi, Shaun of the Space Research Institute, Aero chairman said that the institution will launch 19 space missions during the next 7 months, while the program will launch 10 Satellite and 9 Launching Vehicle Included. All experiences will be done between September and March and 2 experiments will be made every month.

India how Many Rocket Sending –  46 Rocket – Read in Urdu

He said that PSLVC 42 will take the UK 2 satellite Novawars RSS 1.4 with him on September 15. Space Investigation Agency launches MC3, D2 in October, this 4 ton is the most powerful rocket. In October, PSLVC 43 will also launch and Launch 7A will be launched, which will be a great help for aerial.

The Chairman said that PSLVC 44 and G-set 31 rocket launches will be launched in December, when the moon mission will be canceled on 3rd January to 16th February next space space. In January, the PSLVC 45 rocket will be taken with Remote Sensing Satellite Reset 2B.

The Chairman further said that PSLVC 46 rocket 2 satellite will be sent to cartoons set 3 and NEMO AM in February

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