Google Has Become The 20 Years Old Now – Read Its Story

California: The world’s largest search engine “Google” is celebrating its 20th anniversary today, Google has interrupted the interpretation of the whole world and it is becoming indispensable for us daily. Twenty years ago, on today’s day, two students Larry Page and Sergey Brin, wearing this thought, brought it to a logical conclusion, and the world empire from the world with the empire of the world. Since September 1998, the Empire has got the empirical rise.

Due to this empire we gain access to very useful information, and in addition to Google, we get directions, maps, and connect to G-Mail and are also connected to YouTube. Thanks to Google, we engage in more than a dozen languages, we failed to find places that we searched by Google Earth and searched for the destination and searched for such sites. The list is long and we can reach any corner of the world sitting there.

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The Google Endowed System has been merged around the world, and it has become a necessity without regard to its mobile phone as a mobile phone. Is not ready On the basis of the history of events and events in the world, on the basis of daily basis Google is a celebrity of some known personality, the day of departure from their world, where a blast occurred, or where earthquake came. Then flood etc. etc.. Another major facility provided by Google is a power-driven automotive and non-driver driving vehicle.

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But when the curiosity people wanted to see what the likes of the world are, then Google also gave them information that in 2005, tsunami was the word on which the person of the world wanted to get information because tsunami resulted in death of 2.5 lakh people. Happiness is like this. Everybody helps Google to change their grief in happiness. On the basis, the Crisis Growth remained the focus of the unusual world of the world, and it was helpful to mislead its grief.

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