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Protection and preservation of your worth items and other knick-knacks is an indispensable requirement that has been felt since the existence of man on Earth. People of the primeval times employed different methods that were traditional and orthodox to meet their demands. Leaves of specific trees were used for packaging purposes in the previous times. Other means included nuts, animal skin, and wood used for wrapping and protecting various materials. As the civilization kept on expanding, new measures were subsequently introduced which were better than the previous techniques. With the development of villages and cities, woven baskets, crates, and clay replaced the older methods.

A Brief Packaging Record:

The major revolution in the field of packaging is reported to have occurred at the beginning of the nineteenth century in England. Thanks to the Silk Route that allowed trade between China and Europe which finally led the English people to make paper during the early years of the nineteenth century, precisely in 1817. Chinese invented paper in around 1600 but it took two hundred years for the English to copy the patent. However, the English proved themselves more effective and efficient as they invented the first paperboard box in the same year i.e. 1817. Industrial revolution during 1840-1870 set a benchmark in the renewal of these measures.

In 1856, the invention of corrugated paper was a breakthrough in the field of packaging. The manufacturers were greatly benefitted by the advantageous features of the paper, its enhanced durability. Consequently, the corrugated box came into existence in the year 1871. However, the first ever efficient cardboard box was designed and produced by Robert Gair in 1879. The idea of folding carton pleased him and he used the technique to patent6 his box. The boxes were reliable for shipping across the seas without the threat of any potential damage. By the time span of another sixteen years, these boxes were taken offshore, thus cardboard boxes were also produced in America 1895.

As the development is an unending and an unstoppable phenomenon, the boxes are now transformed with the only purpose to provide an enhanced comfort to the consumers. Now custom cardboard boxes are available online as well as on brick and mortar businesses. The consumers can select the size, shape, style, color, printing, additional embellishments etc according to their own preferences. The company will make the box in exact lines marked by you and the box will be shipped to the place of your demand.

These boxes are beneficial for the customers as in this pre-occupied world where you don’t have any free time to spare, you can order the box easily. You don’t have to stress yourself by stopping from one shop to the other to purchase the box that best suits your requirements. Simple and premade boxes are limited in their options, you have just a few choices and you are bound to select from the available options. The colors are also limited in their variety, and your level of satisfaction is reduced. Moreover, the shapes are also restricted; same is the case with typography and printing. You will never get a box that is in complete concordance with your priorities.

The Bonus of Customization:

Customization is the best-suited option for you; the manufacturers are duty bound to make the box in accordance with your description. You can decide the nature of the material to be used; should it be a simple cardboard or a corrugated one, you can decide the color of your box, the design whether it should be a vintage-designed or a Kraft box or the one with floral patterns etc. thus, there are a multitude of options at your disposal and you have the authority of selecting as well as designing your box.

The cardboard box is very helpful in covering your product; the lifespan of your item is incremented as the level of damage is less. These boxes have their following perks:

  • These boxes are present in various shapes, designs, and colors. You have a variety of selecting opportunities.
  • The customer is assured of the quality of the box.
  • Adequate and appropriate details can be mentioned on the box.
  • You can get additional embellishments on your box.
  • The appearance of the box can be easily decided; should it be a rough or plane or glittery covering.
  • The logos can be printed and the advertisement can be done.
  • Custom boxes are convenient to use and handle.
  • The boxes are also available online, you can order at home easily.
  • The boxes are made up of reusable material.
  • The recyclability of the boxes renders them harmless or environment-friendly.
  • The boxes can be employed to serve and spread the public message, a measure to improve society.
  • Custom boxes can be shipped to the countries and even continents.

The invention of packaging and boxes has proved very successful for the customers and the manufacturers. The companies have this relief of wrapping their product in a strong and durable cardboard which aids them in shipping. The customers are satisfied because the boxes are convenient for handling, they can be placed anywhere as they occupy even space. Moreover, the boxes can be piled up one on the other easily, thus you can place them in your attic or your store or in your closet. These boxes have become a part of our life, an inevitable necessity both for the consumers and the makers.

Custom packaging is a ruling king in the world of packaging; this system has taken over all other alternative forms because people are more satisfied with this form of wrapping. Last but not the least, manufacturers are able to maintain and sustain a consumer-friendly environment which in turn leads to an incremented sales graph.

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