4 Methods Affiliates Managers can follow pay per call success

Pay per call is a performance marketing where business pay to the publishers for the number of calls they send. This is considered as quite beneficial compared to any other form of advertisements as both advertisers and publishers will be benefitted.

Instead of just paying for the leads for a follow-up mail, business has to pay for the solid call customer take the effort to make. In today’s world when people search more on their smartphone compared to the desktop, pay per call has emerged as one of the leading advertising sources.

And even pay per call ads cost quite less than then cost per action (CPA) ads if you will compare the ROI. Especially for the industries where calls value like financial services, insurance, home services, travel and hospitality, education, legal services, healthcare, pay per call campaigns offers way more than the expected.

As the tracking stuff of pay per call is a bit complex and so usually a dedicated affiliate manager is assigned to the publishers. Usually, all the pay per call networks follows this system.

Here are some of the best ways and steps for the affiliate managers to follow to have a fruitful pay per call campaigns.

#1 Create the right offer

When we say create the right offer that means first you need to analyze the kind of product or service you are looking to promote, fit for the pay per call campaign or not.

If this applies to the pay per call campaign, then look for the details like

  • The area you are targeting
  • The payout you are offering
  • Different rules for the successful calls and the payout variation for duration of the calls
  • Time zone you are willing to select
  • Tracking medium you have in place

And similar other information should be handy to you before you publish the offer for others to promote.

#2 Invite Pay Per Call affiliates

For this you need to do little work. You can look for the top affiliates promoting the other pay per call offers. This you can find my signing up to any pay per call network and look for the top affiliates for that network. You can invite them to promote your offers. If their stats are amazing, you may offer little extra payout or other offers as well.

#3 Setup the IVR

IVR is nothing but the interactive voice response!

Ever called to the customer care? Usually they ask you to select certain options and based on that they forward your call to some department. All these steps are automated and is getting accomplished with the help of IVR. Before starting any pay per call offer, make sure you have proper IVR setup with the automation already done. This won’t only limit the manual intervention but also reduces the time taken to close a ticket.

#4 Implement the tracking medium

Last but not the least you should have a system to track the performance of the campaign. It should be able to record the calls, analyze from where this has been originated and several other KPIs for the performance tracking. You can make use of any call tracking platform which can fulfil your need. We recommend Ringba as we have used them, and they are best in their work.


These were the top 4 steps to launch a successful pay per call campaign for the affiliate managers. Make sure you have all these stuff in place to have a beneficial campaign.

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