The Most Compatible Mobile Spying App in India

Do you wish you could just sneak into someone’s phone without getting anywhere near it? Though it’s hard to access someone’s phone unless you are a hacker, monitoring apps are quickly becoming a true alternative to monitoring woes.

Indian smartphone market is seeing a surge in such apps as its one of the world’s largest smartphone market. Xnspy mobile spying app is among the market leaders in this category and it has recently released its new version with some new features. Here is our review of its latest version.


Lack of compatibility is the biggest concern of the Indian users when they consider using these apps. Users complain of the apps being unreliable especially in case of compatibility. One reason for this is the large variety of Android phones with stock OS. The other reason is that not every phone is updated or the apps are not upgraded according to the changes in the OS.

What started out as an app with a few monitoring tools, have eventually developed into a complete app in Xnspy’s new version. The new version is specially designed and optimized for iOS 11 and Android Oreo. Compatibility is its core strength as the developer has tried to keep it in line with the new software updates in iOS and iPhone. Moreover, Xnspy users need notworry about jailbreaking the iPhone or rooting the Android phone before installing it. As for the previous versions, it has support for both Android and iPhone. Xnspy also offers a separate version for iPhone users who are using a jailbroken iPhone.

Setting up Xnspy

Usually, mobile spying apps have a complicated setup process. A layman might find it impossible to install or use any such app. Xnspy mobile spying app has tried to reduce the complications and clutter that made setting up the app a challenge. Users have to follow some simple steps and they can start using it right away. It starts by subscribing the app from their official website If you have subscribed for the iPhone version of Xnspy, you don’t need to install it. Instead, you would pair the device with the target phone.

On the other hand, Android subscribers have to install it on the target phone. For this, they would need to use the download link sent to their inbox after subscription and install the app. This whole process will not take more than 5 minutes since the app is quite small in size.

Once the app is set up, it will start the sync process, i.e. transferring data from the phone to the server, making it accessible to you.

User interface

As we went around the new user interface it became clear that Xnspy’s UI is visually cleaner. The “Dashboard” is the first screen you will land on to after signing into your online account. The Dashboard serves as a central hub for all your monitoring activities.

The theme of the dashboard seemed like an oversight to us. But on using it, the app itself is fast and navigation between the features is smooth. The data syncing, however, may vary depending upon your internet connection.


  • Calls and Email integration:With Xnspy mobile spying app, you can keep an eye on the calls made on the target phone. It includes incoming and outgoing calls. When you look at the call data in your Xnspy account, it gives you information about a contact’s name and number, and also the time and duration of the calls made to and fro. Other than that, you can also see the missed calls. Besides, it also informs you about the location of the person when the call was made.Similarly, it allows its users to remotely check all sent and received emails on the monitored phone. You can also see the contacts, time and dates of these emails. On Android, it integrates with the Gmail account, while on the iOS, it integrates with its Mail app.
  • Watchlist: With these many features, it is difficult to go through each and every log, chat or contact. Xnspy has tried to address this by introducing its Watchlist feature. You can create multiple “Watchlists” which is a good option for sorting aside from manually looking for specific information. You can rank different items on priority levels using this feature. Watchlists can be created for phone numbers, locations, emails, and even words.


Xnspy is available for download on its official website. Like any other product, the pricing strategy has been designed in a way that everyone can use it for whatever duration they like. Obviously using it for a longer time will lower the overall subscription cost, but for those who want to use it for monthly or quarterly durations, they can subscribe for separate packages.

Currently, Xnspy offers two packages; Basic and Premium. Basic has more of the standard features and can be used by paying as low as $8.33 per month. Premium has all the advanced features offered by Xnspy and costs $12.49 per month for the annual subscription. Price is quite competitive as compared to other mobile spying apps in India. You can also look for occasional discounts on their website.


Looking at Xnspy and its features, it has all the prerequisites of a top spying app in India. Its popularity rests on its core strengths of better device compatibility, price affordability, and above all, its features. It does not fall short on any other important metric and tackles just the right number of tasks by operating in an effortless manner. You will never regret buying it.

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