Best Laptops for Students to Experience the Real Thrill in Studies

Most of the classrooms have gone smarter with the use of latest technologies. Present students enjoy much better platform of studies with the use several learning apps and laptops. Laptops are used by most of the students to download and save e-learning materials, graphical representation of hard topics, audio and video sessions, project works and more. At present, laptops are used for wide purposes in learning by the students. Here are some of the best brands in laptops for students available in the market.

  1. Acer TravelMate P2 Core i5 7th Gen

Acer continues its tradition of hitting the market with the best laptops for students developed with high-end specs and affordable rates. The brand new product named Acer TravelMate P2 Core i5 7th Gen perfectly maintains the balance between rates and features. This is one of the best brands in laptops that students can prefer to add the real thrill to studies. It is designed to provide the stylish factor along with functional excellence. Now the students can stay in touch with the studies irrespective of wherever they go with Acer laptop.

This laptop from the house of Acer is powered by Intel Core i5 processor. 8 GB DDR4 Ram and clock speed of 2.5 GHz is more than enough to assure the real performance of the favourite laptop. The laptop apart from studying purpose, also provide the best gaming grounds with 2GB DDR5 NVIDIA Geforce 940 MX. Linux is used as the operating system and 2 GB graphics assure nice clarity for the things that appear on the screens. Even though the product seems to be slightly bulky, other features and affordable rates still keep it a hot brand in the laptop market.

Acer laptops for students are really affordable……!

  1. Dell Vostro 3000 Core i5 7th Gen

It is the sleek design and matte look that made this laptop from the house of Dell to be preferred by good numbers of students. This is the best model to purchase for those who look for a complete package that assures fantastic usage even in multitasking. The product is designed for continuous usage and the rate is really cheap when compared with the other models. Give an extra edge to studies and gaming times with a laptop that is nice to look and use from the house of Dell.

This laptop is supported by 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor with a clock speed of 2.5 GHz. In addition to this, the device is also powered by 2 GB AMD Radeon R5 M420 graphics processor to assure the best in graphics games. Ubuntu is the preinstalled operating system and the users are provided with the option to install the windows also. The display quality seems to be average but not all poor in using the laptop. In all terms, this is a decent laptop that is not over-featured and works better for the students to enjoy real easiness in studies and real fun in games.

Dell is simply delighting……!

  1. HP 245 G5APU Quad Core A6

This is simple to use and superb laptop for the students. It is free from over boasting features and extra level makeup. This laptop of HP is designed to meet the exact needs and the expectations. Most of the students find this laptop as the first pick since it is budget friendly and seems to be the best option for the investment. Its extra level portable design and high-level performance make it the best one for both studies and games. It is really lightweight with a weight of just 1.8 Kg and hence the students can carry it for long hours without any hassles.

This excellent model of laptop is powered by AMD A6 processor with clocking speed of 2.06 GHz. 4 GB DDR3 RAM is enough to boost up the performance level with the processor. This laptop is free from any of the pre-installed operating system and it boosts DOS. Battery backup up to continuous 4.5 hrs is not at all bad when compared with the overall features of the laptop. There is no need to break your decision to buy a laptop for just the reason of budget with HP 245 G5APU Quad Core A6 model laptop.

HP make your purchase laptop with low budget……!

  1. Asus Vivobook X541UA-DM1358D

This laptop is preferred by the students who never like to miss a good product for a decent budget. The rate is not so high and not so low and keeps a perfect balance for its features. The laptops give some excellent spec for its price that really takes the functional excellence to top level. The device gives seamless experience in moderate use without any of the usual lags and laziness. It is lightweight and gifted with sleek and stylish design to add the real thrill in using it for different purposes.

This laptop is powered by an Intel Core i3 6th Generation processor, 4GB DDR4 RAM and 1 TB of storage. Intel HD Graphics is used to give a good feeling when you are in your favourite usual games. Price and storage capacity are the added features for this model. It really helps the students to engage in continuous works with its 6 hours of battery backup. Powerful performance and immersive sound make it look and work better and to give extra level multimedia experience. Stunning finishes and expressive colours makes it best for both educational and entertainment purpose.

Asus, the good laptop for decent budget…!

Select the best

These are some of the best brands available in laptops to select from for students. There are some parameters to be considered before taking the final decisions to make it right one. Some of the important factors to consider include portability, affordability, and durability.  The quality of the operating system, battery life, and the processor is what adds the plus to the productivity of the student in using the laptop. KIllerfeatures is one the best tech lifestyle sites where you can find the best-branded laptops with all of the relevant information. Visit killerfeatures.comto find the listing of best laptop brands along with prices and features.

Start loving the studies with your favourite laptop!


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