How to Make Money from Pay Per Call?

Pay per call is quickly gaining popularity in the affiliate marketing and performance advertising industry. It has fast become one of the main sources of advertisement for many companies and many affiliates have made thousands of dollars generating inbound phone calls for companies.

In Pay Per Call Advertising, the advertiser only pays for the calls made to their customer care center. Advertising give publishers a unique tracking number that displayed on an advertisement. When a potential caller sees that number and clicks to call, the call is routed through the tracking number to the customer care center. Only the valid calls will be paid, and so advertisers are taking this as high priority advertisement.

Using Pay Per Call, both advertisers and publishers are getting benefitted. If you are a publisher and you have faith in your traffic, you must try Pay Per Call adverting network. Usually, Pay Per Call adverting campaign provides a better price than any other form of advertisement. And so, there are more chances to earn.

Now as you know what Pay Per Call is and why it is beneficial for both advertisers and publishers. Let’s see the different ways using which a publisher can make money from Pay Per Call.

#1 Tracking your traffic

Before you can do anything in pay per call marketing, you absolutely need your own tracking software for managing your campaigns. For this, you can use pay per call software which will help you manage the traffic better. There is much software like this but you should go ahead with the market leader Ringba.

You should put your banner on such a place where people will see it most. Also, make sure it is having the number displayed clearly which will help you increase the conversion rate.

#2 Work with a Pay Per Call Network

Find a reputable pay per call network and apply to work with them. It may take a few days but hold tight. Once you get approved to their network, you can start running their campaigns.

#3 Be creative

Usually, it has been seen that advertisers will be sharing the advertising materials. But if those are not much creative than you must try your own. You must try your best to get more conversion. Else you will be getting the impression but not the lead and so you won’t be earning any money.

If you know the design stuff, it’s well and good else you can hire a professional designer for the same. You can get those easily on the sites like,, and many other micro job websites.

#4 Increase traffic source

Yes, the more your traffic will be the more you will have a chance for conversion. And so, you can try for other sources which will increase your traffic. For example, if you are currently getting traffic from SEO then you may try some other passive traffic sources like-

  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Forums and content sharing platform
  • You may try the offline promotions also

#5 Capture the interest

You may use the cookies and save that information to provide your customer a better experience. You can also capture the lead and user information to reuse it for further money making. For further money making you can try for affiliate marketing or some lead-based marketing with the user information by retargeting.

#6 Communicate with an account manager

Relationships are everything. No whatever what pay per call network you are working with, develop a good rapport with your account manager. They will help you with the new offers, best-converting offers and the advertising material as well which will help you much.


This was all about what is pay per call marketing and how being a publisher, you can earn more. If you have quality traffic, then you must try pay per call for better income.

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