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You are what you link! Do you use outbound links in your SEO strategy? Do you use backlink software? I recently read a post on the blog of my friend in which the importance of external links was discussed. And it is true, webmasters tend to obsess with the capture of new links forgetting completely the outgoing links … to the point that there are few mean people who refuse to link external sites because “is that if I link I dilute my authority” … Silly stuff!

As already advanced in the title of this article, “you are what you link”. In other words, if I write about SEO, it is normal to speak (and therefore link) domains that deal with the subject of web positioning … Or would it be natural to link to orange shops?

Importance outbound links

Outbound links are another way to provide information to Google And in SEO even small details are critical. To reach the first positions you do not have to be good, you have to be the best and even the most insignificant of details must be optimized. In this sense, external links are another signal that provide information to search engines on the general theme of the page, thus reinforcing the organic positioning of the page. Because (assuming it is clear that the outgoing link is contextualized) thanks to these links we are adding more value to the users, we are offering them an opinion, additional documentation and so on that reinforce what we have exposed in our contents.

We already have the lesson learned: more value for the user = more likely to appear positioned in the search results. Indeed, it is not valid with any link: linking to an authoritative page in our sector will give us much more value than linking to a page of a niche heap that has little or nothing to do with our sector (in this case the outgoing link could even be harmful). We may need SEO link building software.

Credible and valuableĀ 

While we have already advanced in the previous point, I would like to reinforce this point. 95% of the time you write a content you have not invented it yourself: ok, you can incorporate your experience and opinion if you are an expert in the field but, as a general rule, you will take ideas in other websites (eye, I do not speak of copy). Linking them is not only a way to reward them, it’s also that you will add credibility to your articles. In the same way, just as a video or an image adds value to the reader, so does the outgoing links. The reader will surely click on the link to see that page to which you are transmitting a vote, a positive point (of course, do not forget to configure the link so that it opens in another window so as not to lose the visit).

Outbound links improve the dissemination of your content

Who of you does not share and comment on the articles that link to your website? Content managers such as WordPress notify webmasters when their domain receives a link and, therefore, link and involve influential pages of your sector can be an excellent way to try to viralize your content.

Follow or nofollow?

That’s the question! Are you still worried about not losing authority? Well, you can always add the rel = “nofollow” attribute to the outgoing links. Personally, I do not agree with it (except for those links that I do not want Google to follow) and just as I like that they link me, I also think that we should reward the other authors for their work. And you … Would you add something else?

The importance of link building software

What if you do not have enough time to do everything? You are advised to use link building tools. The highest quality of backlinks is what is required for any Web owner who wants to improve their position in the eyes of search engines, especially Google. You need all the benefits of professional link management provided by link building software. Often, manual methods do not go according to what is expected, achieving low quality backlinks that do not provide optimal results.

By using SEO link building software, you can guide you to targeted traffic and provide automatic features that allow you to get backlinks quickly. With software, you are not just assisted to get quality backlinks but also more business contacts. Thus, the best potentials for backlinks partners can be achieved, not just quality backlinks. Some software also allow their user to get spying feature, checking what is done by potential competitors. Hopefully this article can provide you with insight on the benefits of link building and the importance of link building software 2018.

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