How to Check Zong 4G Wifi Password


Why Zong 4G Is So Popular in Faisalabad

Zong 4G is one of the leading internet service provider Cloud Speed by Zong but Q is why it is so famous or used in Faisalabad because its speed is very high and working features are outstanding. There are some features which encourage us to use it in our undevelopment town name is Mahalah Eliabad,

1 – Its work regular in 24 hour never DC internet.

2 – Its speed is very good and more than 9 users use it regularly.

3 – 10 Users maximum can use its wifi at a time.

4 – It is very cheap when zong 4g gives offer.

5 – 50GB price is 2500 RPS.

How to Check How Many Users Are Using Wi-Fi At Time

1 – You can login with

2 – You can see how many users are attached with internet zong 4g cloud.

3 – In our cloud 4g, you can check 6 users are attached.

 How to Check Statistic of Your Zong 4g Cloud

1 – Type and put user name and password.

2 – You will see internet cloud full information.

3 – Click on Statistic and you will find all report of used and running data.

How Much Internet Is used and Also Remaining

It is very easy to check how much internet has used and also remaining because when you on your latest zong 4g cloud, you will see the figure of used internet data.

You can check the image below you will see the functions of used data.

How to Check Wifi Password From Zong 4G Cloud

If you are using new zong 4g cloud, when you On cloud, you will see data how much used but when you press button second time you will see password of wi-fi.

What Are The Zong 4G Packages Prices

If you want to know the zong 4g packages, you only login on your site at and you will see packages and prices,

Check the packages with price

24 GB —– 1500 RPS

50GB –     2500 RPP

24 GB – 3Month 4000 RPS

100 GB —- 5000 RPS

See the packages in image also

How to Check Massage in Inbox

Login on zong 4g above site – and you will see the inbox option so click on it and all massage will be display on your screen which send by zong 4g company.

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