How to Train New Comer As A Paid Blogger

Importance of Paid Blogger

Paid blogging is one of the main source of income for any student who is new in SEO marketing because when new comer does SEO which always a long term project and also training prospectus its too long. New student can wait long in training without money so we will guide any new comer who loves to join only money system follow our tips for becoming paid blogger,

Working As A Agent

First of all, you have to work as agent between seller and buyer because you do not have your own website. You must go to google plus and join community after clicking on community and put name of group such as technology. You will find lots of group so join each group and open each site and contact it.

Source of Getting good Paid Sites

You can search good traffic sites from google plus, pinterest, weebly, facebook and also from twitter and contact with all sites and decide prices.

How to Get Buyers

It is very simple to get buyers for your sites which you have decided prices so only register and add SEO related company when they add you get email ID after click on more option which will be right side of top.

Get email ID and send them your sites with your own price.

How to Send Email to Your Buyer as Selling Guest Paid Post

Example of Email for Buyer

HI Sir,

I have some very good sites for paid post on our sites please review our sites and let me know if you need post,

Our sites are:- and

let me know if you need paid post on our any site..



Note – I hope you will get business because i am work as paid blogger with my teams from some years….





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