SEO techniques that work in 2018 and beyond


Search engine optimization has been playing a vital role for bloggers and freelancers so that their content can be accessed more often than usual. When people search for something online they go withtyping the keywords in the search box. The search engine optimization algorithm then plays its role and find out the articlesthat has been searched the most after matching the keywords. In order to make a blog or a website successful it is important that users get to click on it.

Clicks bring the profit and hence it is important to go by the keywords and concentrate on the keywords that has been searched the most in the past. There are applications that record these things and can tell one with the list of the keywords that have been searched frequently so that one can optimize the content with the same.

In order to be a SEO expert there are some techniques that one need to follow. One needs to understandthat the algorithms keep updating time to time and hence some ancient techniques might not work in the present but then applying new techniques can always help. Here are some techniques that would work in 2018 and beyond:

  • Keyword research- this is one of the best ways for a SEO expert to move forward with the support of keyword research. One got to research a bit about the keywords that has been searched for most of the time and optimizing a content according to the keyword can be a great way to bring the maximum number of clicks on the page or blog.
  • Importance of topic- the title of a content is another important thing that one cannot compromise with. It attracts users. Sometime people do not type just the keywords but an entire sentence of phrase and hence the topics help in extracting the content that matches the most with the words entered by the user.
  • Re-optimization- being a good blogger or a successful blogger does not on the fact that how much new content one provides to its user. It also consists of reoptimizing the existing content on the blog or web site. Once an article is published people read it and move on with the new content and forgets about the old one. In order to make them click on the old published article one must reoptimize the old content and modify it or merge two articles or even delete some and get that extra profit. This makes sure that the old articles do not get out of sight.
  • Providing links- people tend to click on links when they feel like acquiring more information or detailed data. Hence, providing a link of the blog one owns to other renowned web sites of social networking sites can be very helpful as it will ac t as a SEO expert for gaining a good amount of traffic.

Being a blogger means helping people in different ways and to be a successful blogger one needs to follow the right SEO techniques.

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